Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tribute to Mdm. Alice Mary

Tribute to our & mentor Mother Alice Mary Santhosam

We were over whelmed with sadness and sorrow with your sudden demise as you were truly a mother to all of us
You hailed from a poor village in India but ended as the queen of a respected family in Ipoh
We admire and salute your determination and resolute for the success which few have achieved.
In your life you were a wonderful wife and companion to your husband and stood by him during thick and thin and help build your family to what it is today
You were a great mother to your seven children always being there when they needed you most.
To us in the family you leave behind a legacy of hard work, diligence and tender loveYou have impressed us with you extraordinary concern for perfection in all the things you do. especially the little appreciated small things in the home

To your friends you will be remembered as a God-fearing and loyal friend who always went the extra mile to care for them
We will surely miss you dearly mom but we know God has taken you away for greater happiness to be in His company for ever
As we wish you the final good-bye we promise to adopt your good values into our lives and cherish every moment we had with you

Some scenes at the final farewell

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