Saturday, June 18, 2016

A general tibute to fathers

Father’s day 2016 – Finding time for dad

When I was a little girl, I remember that when my dad was repairing something, every time he asked me to hold the hammer, just so we would have a time for a conversation with each other. I never saw my dad drinking or taking a “night out with the boys“, all he did after work was taking care of his family.

I grew up and left home for college and since then, my dad had been calling me every Sunday morning, no matter what. And when several years later I bought a house, my dad was painting it by himself for three days in the 80-degree summer heat. All he asked was to hold his paint brush and talk to him. But I was too busy in those days, I did not find any time for a conversation with my dad.

Four years ago, my dad was visiting me. He spent many hours putting together a swing set for my daughter. He asked to bring him a cup of tea and have a talk with him, but I had to prepare for a trip that weekend, so I did not have time for any long conversations that day.

One Sunday morning we had a telephone talk as usual, I noticed that my dad had forgotten some things that we discussed lately. I was in a hurry, so our conversation was short. Few hours later that day came a call. My father was in a hospital with an aneurysm. Immediately I bought ticket for a flight and on my way I was thinking about all missed occasions to have a talk with my dad.

By the time I arrived at hospital, my father had passed away. Now it was he who did not have time for a conversation with me. I realized how little I knew about my dad, his deepest thoughts and dreams.

After his death I learned much more about him, and even more about myself. All he ever asked me was my time. And now he has all my attention every single day but it is a little too late. He was there all the time for me but I was not there for him when he needed me most.

Happy  Father's Day


A typical story of child today. Life is so busy that she had no time for the father until the very end. She failed to recognize the yearning of the dad trying to spend time with her.

The lesson to learn from this story is that we must a find little time whenever and wherever we can for our parents. Time is running fast and we fail to realise they are growing much faster than us. All parents long for the company of their children so let us do our utmost to find the little very precious time for them.

A general tribute to fathers -


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