Monday, April 30, 2012

EC and political neutrality

Honorable for EC chairman and deputy to step down

The revelation that the Election Commission(EC) Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, and his deputy, Datuk Wan Ahmad bin Wan Omar are members of Umno came as a shock to all Malaysians especially those fighting for a clean, free and fair 13GE that is due anytime now.

Yes, we are all terribly puzzled how they ever got selected to lead the EC in the first place being members of a political party? If at all they want to accept  their appointment shouldn’t they have resigned from Umno first? If they didn't have that integrity to do so, are they fit to continue to lead the EC? What about the other members of the Commission? Are they also members of any political party?  

Abdul Aziz says that despite being a member of Umno his neutrality as EC chairman will not be duly affected as he is not an active member. This is like having a BN member as the referee in a contest between BN and PR. Isn’t it ridiculous? How can he be neutral at times of conflict of interests? Would it be possible to have a member of the opposition being a member of the EC? The EC being appointed by the Agong is only answerable to him and as such its chairman and other members of the commission should be absolutely apolitical in order to seen as truly neutral. How can anyone be absolutely neutral politically when he I member of a political party which demand loyalty to its leaders?

The only honorable thing for them to do now is to :

1. Resign from their posts in the EC immediately.

2. Apologise to the nation for misleading the people who had placed their hope and trust in them to conduct their elections fairly.

The people congratulate those for revealing such a serious fraud being committed by the EC and BN. This shows that the people are not stupid anymore. They have awakened and will expose more and more of the rot under the more than the half-century rule by BN government.

It is time for Malaysians to wake up and put our nation in order. They should not allow the BN to continue to hoodwink them into voting for them blindly as blind loyalty to anyone only leads to abuse of power and disaster. Enough is enough and it is time to say "NO" to BN at the coming 13GE which offers the best opportunity ever to bring change. That change which is not an option anymore but mandatory, a change that will at least provide some hope make Malaysia a better place for all who have made this their homeland.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bersih 3.0 – The final countdown

People versus Government - Round 3