Sunday, November 17, 2013

Death – A reflection

Death a lesson for the living

When a person close to us dies or when a death occurs in our family it is usually a time of great sorrow and sadness.  The thought that we will never see the person again brings unbearable pain in our hearts that may last a long time, at times even forever, depending on how close we were with that person.

We often console ourselves that the deceased person had died peacefully without much pain for some the death had rescued the person from and suffering he was going through in life. The faith we profess gives us some joy that he will be in heaven with God. These thoughts bring a little comfort as we bid him the final goodbye.

In the midst of all the sorrow and pain, death more importantly should be a cause for reflection. How did the dead person affect us? How did he/she touch us? How did we treat the person when he was alive? It is a time for us to express remorse, repent and correct our wrongs. It is the time to repay our gratitude to the person by promising to keep alive his good values and cherish every moment we had with him.

Everyone who walks on this earth leaves behind something for us to learn. Death is the time to learn some useful lesson from the experiences of the deceased, the good should be of what we should adopt and the bad of what we should avoid. No death should be in vain as every death should be a lesson for the living.

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