Friday, June 19, 2015

Father’s day 2015 – Children dad’s greatest pride

One of the greatest wishes of a father is for his children to grow up to become successful and useful citizens well respected in society. This was what my late father used to tell me when I was young. He was not formally educated, rich or powerful but he wanted to be the proud father of his children whom he brought up in his own unique ways to achieve that aim. He used to say that making a father proud should be an important duty of every child. 

At that time what he said did not mean much to me but now being a father myself, I understand his wisdom behind those words. We work hard our whole life for happiness the but real happiness during the final days depend so much not on the wealth we have accumulated but more on what the children and to some extent the grandchildren do. It is taking pride in what they are and do that brings joy. Well, I tried to do my utmost to live up to the expectations of my father and I hope my children too will do their part to make me proud of them.

Another great wish of a father is the company of his children during the final days of his life. This is due to the fear of loneliness they experience at their advanced age. However tough, authoritarian or even tyrannical they might been during the prime of their lives, fathers when they grow old are extremely fearful of loneliness. They tend cling onto their wives and if their wives are not there then then they cling to their children for company. Many children consider this a nuisance and may send them to old folk’s homes.

This brings my thoughts to an elderly gentleman who I befriended some years ago. He was in his   eighties and was all alone after the death of his wife. His only son was away doing some job overseas. The old man narrated his fear of being all alone and badly longed for the company of his son. He said that his only wish at that time was that his son would be back and be around when he died. Nothing bothered him more than the fear that his son will not be around when he died. Fortunately his prayers were answered as a year later his son was back with him during the final days before he died peacefully. 

As we celebrate this Father’s day it may be pertinent for us to reflect on how we are fulfilling these two important wishes of our own fathers. If we haven’t then it may be timely to do so. If our dads are already dead, we can still ponder on whether we fulfilled those two wishes when they were alive – making them proud to be our father and allay their fear of loneliness before their death. If we had I am sure we will feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness deep within us, a happiness that no money can buy.

It is said that God made paradise at the feet of your mother but He made the father take care of the thorns under your feet. Yes, it is the father who takes pain to prevent your feet being pricked by the thorns because he feels the pain more if they do.

On this Father’s Day too let’s pay tribute to this special man in our lives, the man who toiled for our success, suffered in silence and holding back tears when we failed, did everything within his means to lift us up every time we fell and took great pains to prevent us from falling again. He is the only person in the world who takes pride when we overtake him in success, wealth and status. He is none other our dad.

The greatest happiness for a father is being proud of what his children do. The question we have to ask ourselves this Father’s day is whether we are making our dads proud.

 Happy Father’s day

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