Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

As we celebrate father’s Day let us recall the good our fathers have done for us.

Let us recall the values he stood for as the head of our family

Let’s recall the legacy he left us

Let’s take some time to show our appreciation to this hero in our lives

Let’s pause to say “Thank You Dad”

Happy Father’s Day

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Rebuilding a torn nation

The Federal Cabinet is formed and it is now back to serious work for our ministers. It is refreshing to see the enthusiasm and excitement in their faces, as each new minister walked into his office for the first time. They are used to be in the opposition all these years yelling their idealistic views to be heard and opposing the policies of the ruling BN. They engage in shouting matches with the government MPs and stage walkouts in protest when things don’t go their way.

Today they are placed in the seats of power, in positions to make important decisions and policies that affect the people and country. They may take time to get accustomed to their new role and the “magic” of the power invested in their hands. Will they be able to remain steadfast to their ideals they preached while in the opposition? If yes for how long?  

To the people too we are experiencing something new we have never experienced before, a brand new government totally different from the previous one. A new government that promised drastic reforms to rejuvenate our dying democratic system.

We wish the new cabinet members all the best in their service to the people who put them up there. Let them never forget their oath which they took in front of the King and watched by millions of rakyat; their priority should always be the people never themselves

The new PH government must be different from the previous government.PH came to power not overnight by chance or luck but after 20 years of struggle since 1998, when their "Reformasi" movement was formed to defend DSAI. They must not forget this struggle that was painful and trying for them and the people who faithfully supported them to make our vision of a “Malaysia Baharu” a reality today. There is a great deal of excitement and expectation among the people about this “Malaysia Baharu” and we hope our leaders will never let us down.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Post GE14 - Hope for end to race politics
The 14GE, termed the Mother of all Elections, is already over with an unprecedented and overwhelming victory for the opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH).It was the most bitterly fought general elections in the history of the country which saw the fall of Barisan National (BN),the ruling party of over 60 years.
With the de-factor Opposition Leader DSAI in jail and with an disorganised and disunited opposition, the BN victory was a foregone conclusion like in all previous elections. It was fortunate to have the former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir(TDM) to join the opposition to lead the fatal attack on the BN. Despite his advanced age of 92, he managed to rally the masses behind him and became the main thrust of the opposition's assault on the BN. It was a medical miracle for a man of his age to endure such physical and mental strain of the arduous election campaigning, day and night with little rest and sleep.
For his relentless efforts he won the admiration of all Malaysians, young and old alike. Our prayers for the nation were answered as he was indeed a God-sent gift to save us and our beloved country at the right time.
The 14GE was not a fight among political parties but one of the people against the corrupt and out of touch ruling BN government. In this fight the social media played a vital role to take the message of change to every corner of the country, like never before resulting in the amazing unity of the all the people to go out in droves on polling day to vote against BN.
The success of PH in the 14GE is due not to any particular community but by all Malaysians, across  racial boundaries. It was reassuring to see for the first time Malays persuading their non-Malay friends to vote for PH. This never occurred before in the country. Clearly TDM became the people’s rallying icon for that unity.
This amazing unity of the masses of all races was unprecedented in our country which had become increasing divided along racial and religious lines for far too long. This unity was the most important outcome of the 14GE which must not be allowed to dissipate by our folly now that the PH is in power.
This exceptional, extraordinary and spontaneous unity of the people in the 14GE should be harnessed to create a multiracial Malaysia for the future generations. It should be capitalized to create a multiracial mind-set in the people of all races in particular the youth so that they will accept everyone as equal despite the differences in colour, creed and language. It is time to change the people's mind-set to do away with race-based parties and open up for multiracial ones as race-based politics is obsolete in totay’s competitive globalised world.
The people now have given the golden opportunity that must be grasped by all to get rid of race-based politics and religious extremism once and for all and prepare a mind-set that will freely adopt and accept meritocracy, fairness and goodwill to all Malaysians regardless of race and creed.
This is the most important task facing us today and ideally we should begin from our homes and schools, instilling in the minds of our young the importance of being colour-blind and accepting all citizens without distinction.
TDM  is the right person who can lead this mission to success. He has the wits, skill and determination and Malaysians have equivocally expressed in no uncertain terms their confidence in him. I am sure TDM at his age and his experience has the wisdom to realise this extraordinary unity of the people of all races and harness its effects for the future well-being of all Malaysians.
Time is running out and TDM is in a rush to rebuild the nation as are many are out there to derail his efforts at all costs. As responsible citizens we are all obligated to continue to give him our full and undivided support so that he succeeds.

Father's Day 2018

As we celebrate father’s Day let us recall the good our fathers have done for us. Let us recall the values he stood for as...