Monday, July 16, 2018

Historic Parliament after historic GE14

 New Parliament symbol of hope and democracy
Congratulations to all our newly elected MPs.
The first session of the 14th Parliaments opens today with new MPs and Speaker being sworn in by the YDPA.It is a historic day for the nation as it is the the first sitting after the historic GE14 which saw the BN government of 60 years being replaced by the new coalition Pakatan Harapan(PH).
We hope our new MPs will live up to the aspirations and expectation of the rakyat who wanted real change and reforms to make our parliament a true symbol of democracy and rule of law.We hope the new government and opposition MPs will work together to create a people-oriented transparent and corruption-free system of governance.
Malaysians of all walks of life,regardless of race and creed,expect their elected representatives to do their job with honesty and sincerity placing the rakyat's interests above their own.
Please do not let them down.Best of luck to all our new lawmakers.
God bless Malaysia.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Zakir Naik and his extradiction

The decision by the Prime Minister,Tn Dr. Mahathir not to extradite controversial Muslim preacher Dr.Zakir Naik has been criticised by many non-Muslims in the country. However the Muslims in general are happy with the decision. Either way it has spit the already divided citizens along religious lines. This of course not good for the country and poses another challenged to the multiracial and multireligious Pakatan Harapan coalition which has promised to tackle the delicate and sensitive interracial and interfaith problems facing the people today.
Image result for zakir naik malaysiaMost of us, ordinary citizens, do not know about the details of the extradition treaty signed with the Indian government and the real reasons why Zakir Naik was not extradited. We do not know what transpired in the meeting between Tun M and Indian PM Modi soon after the former was sworn as PM. It appeared the Modi was in a hurry and eager to meet our new premier and from what was shown to us it was a happy meeting. Politicians are mysterious creatures...who are difficult to understand and predict most of the time.
While the politicians and their supporters continue to argue on whether to deport Zakir or not we ordinary citizens of all faiths have to accept that the controversial preacher is here to stay with us at least for the time being. Since he is going to be with us now, we need to send him a message. He has to realize that he is in Malaysia which is a multiracial and multi religious country with a significant non-Muslim population. Dr Zakir, belonging to a religious minority in his own country, should in a better position to understand the feelings of the religious minorities in Malaysia.
He must know how to behave and act with caution and respect to non - Muslims citizens here. As Tun Mahathir advised he must ‘behave’ himself and not provoke or insult other religions, an act that is also forbidden even in own religion.
Of late Malaysia is struggling to improve inter-religious harmony, respect and tolerance among its citizens. We don’t need outsiders to destroy what we are doing. They may not be able to help us but at least they should not hinder our efforts that already appear futile. We need to build bridges not destroy whatever bridges we have built with great sacrifice.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tun M turns 93

Birthday greetings to an extra-ordinary leader

At a time when the opposition was in disarray and unable to mount any meaningful challenge against the mighty and ruthless Barisan National(BN) in the GE14 and we were losing all hopes of getting rid of a kleptocrat bleeding our nation, you were sent as though God was answering our prayers for His divine intervention. You were called a dictator and recalcitrant but today you are called the saviour of the country and the people.

At your advanced age of 93 years, it was not an easy decision to take up the task of uniting a badly divided opposition coalition and mounting a challenge to topple the BN. The fact that you accepted the challenge, humbled yourself to apologise for your mistakes and reconciled with your once fierce enemies of the past showed your patriotism and love for the country. Not many at your age would be willing to make that sacrifice and that alone makes you an extra-ordinary leader. 

The people saw the sincerity in your actions and decided to give full support to you and the new opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan(PH). At your age, you are the most experienced and wisest to lead the nation out of the mess we are in today. There is nobody else who could match you stamina, intellect and courage to deliver the fatal blow to the BN. You not only succeed to overthrow the BN but courageously stood up to force a peaceful transfer of power that most of us thought was impossible. 

Now we know why God gave you a long life. The nation and the people still need you to lead in reforming a country that is torn apart by racial and religious intolerance, massive corruption and its economy in chaos. We need your steadfast leadership and experience a little longer to reorganise your inexperienced team to manage the nation in a democratic, professional and lawful means.

May God bless continue to bless you with good health and vitality to save us and our country and lift us up to our past glory as a dignified, united multiracial, multi-religious and progressive nation. The people of all race and creed have placed their full trust in you and they know you will not let them down.

Tun Mahathir you are our hope, our legend.  


Historic Parliament after historic GE14

  New Parliament symbol of hope and democracy Congratulations to all our newly elected MPs. The first session of the 14th ...