Sunday, July 14, 2019

Santhosam- first death anniversary

First death anniversary reflections – Mr Santhosam Retnam

A little man with a giant heart

 Mr.Santhosam (23.5.1924 - 15.7.2018)

It has been a year since he left us and time has lessened the pain of his loss. Nevertheless, we continue to miss him. He might have been bedridden and physically indisposed for nearly a decade, but his mere physical presence gave life to the home and was a source of inspiration, hope and strength for all in his family. Today his absence is strongly felt by all as though the home has lost its soul.

Looking at his life, there are many things we still cannot understand of this great man. He was a loving husband, wonderful father to his children and grandchildren. He was a loyal and sincere friend, compassionate and kind to everyone in need. Above all he was a great human who touched the hearts of many who crossed his path.

Mr.Santhosam hailed from a poor village in India. At a tender age of 17, he left for Malaysia after the untimely death of his father. He had no formal education, no wealth or power but ended up as the King of a highly respected family in Ipoh. With hard work, his determination and his resolute he achieved what many failed.  

As we continue with our arduous journey in life, we now understand and appreciate all the hardship, troubles and agony he would have endured to bring up his family. For this we salute him.  He may be gone but he has left a legacy of hard work, kindness, humility and great hospitality. These are values very hard to emulate.

Mr.Santhosam will be remembered by all for all his virtuous principles in life.
To his children, he will be remembered as a loving, caring and above all a self-sacrificing father who never failed in his duties and responsibilities. What come may he was there when they needed him most.
To his friends he will be remembered as a God-fearing and loyal friend who always went the 
extra-mile to care for them.
To the poor he will be remembered as a person who understood their plight especially, feeding those deprived of food, providing shelter for the homeless and funding educational and health expenses for those who could not afford them.

We will miss him for many years to come. As his close associates, his life was a lesson for us.Let us try to adopt his good values into our lives and cherish  the moments we had with him.

May his soul rest in peace

Mala, Chris and children

Revisiting a video presented at the memorial service one year ago
 "A Tribute to Mr.Santhosam"

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Father's Day 2019

Father’s Day - Tribute to all dads

On this Father’s Day it is time to pause and reflect the roles our dads played in our lives. As fathers ourselves now, it many aspects we tend to behave the way very much our fathers did. Many of our fathers in those days did not talk much talk to us but they lived to show us how to live. Their lives were invaluable lessons. Looking back our own lives is astonishing to realise how much we resemble him in not just appearance but in thinking as well.

Today it’s the time stop to pay little homage to this great person in our lives, the man whom we call dad. It’s time to reflect on the way he lived his life, his sacrifices for us and cherish the pleasant and appreciate the unpleasant memories of that special man. Let us adopt his goodness, sacrifices and love into our own families today.

Many of us, fathers in the sixties, may now be left all alone in the home, with the children forced to work elsewhere and live in faraway lands. Some may be lucky to have their spouses with them, but others may have to manage all alone, in sickness and pain and at times in old folks’ homes. This loneliness is the most dreaded problem that many are forced to undergo in their old age. Today if only just one of our children manages to be near us, it is our greatest blessing.

We hope and pray that that things change for the better in our country so that there will more blessed elderly fathers in our midst. We hope and pray that there will be more children who despite being far away, still have a special place for their elderly and obsolete dads in their hearts.

To all such dads, a Happy Father’s Day

Being there when needed most

Sharing an inspiring story of a young man who was there for a lonely and dying dad because the dad needed his son
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 - Reassuring hug

Tomorrow we celebrate Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to honour our mothers. The way we celebrate Mother’s Day depends on the age of our mother. When she was young and so were we, it used to be more of a sumptuous feast, expensive gifts and branded clothes. Such celebrations continue to dominate the commercial world today. To many who cannot afford, celebrations do still occur but on a smaller and quieter scale often these being more personal and meaningful.

When our mothers are much older, as in eighties like mine, the celebrations are not so grandeur and elaborate as they used to be when we were all younger. At this age many of our mothers may be sick and handicapped, drained of energy, physically and mentally. They may not be in a state of mind and spirit to appreciate all that we do or give, however valuable that mat be. They don’t value our gifts, food and clothing. What they value now is our presence not our presents, what they long for is not feasts and outings but our physical and personal company and what makes them happy and feel good is seeing us looking good, successful and healthy.

Being already in the eighties, there will not be many more Mother’s days together with our moms. Time is really running short, more so when we too are inflicted with some illness. We must make special efforts to give our moms what they really want and need today not what we think they need. She gave us everything we needed when we were small without ever asking and it is now payback time to give her what she needs during her second childhood.

What they need is not what wealth and power can buy but what our hearts can give with abundance without limits. They need love, company and most importantly the reassuring hug that can only we given by the son and daughter, however tall they may have grown. Let’s give her that hug and say “Mom, I love you” as we may never get another chance.

Happy and blessed Mother’s Day     

Santhosam- first death anniversary

First death anniversary reflections – Mr Santhosam Retnam A little man with a giant heart  Mr.Santhosam (23.5.1924 - 15.7.201...