Monday, January 01, 2018

New year 2018

Reflections and resolutions

There is no better news to end the year 2017 than Dr.M apologizing for the wrongs he did during his tenure as PM. We would have been happier if only he was more specific but nevertheless it may the start of better things to come.

This act of humility by a man at the ripe old age of 92, who was considered a dictator once, provides the theme for reflection for coming New Year 2018. He has lead the way for other politicians and leaders of today to apologise for their wrongs and either change or leave for the betterment of the nation and the people at large.

In our own lives we would have done many bad that could have hurt others to varying degree. This is the time to ponder on those deeds and say sorry to those we offended. Many of us may be still continuing do wrong and keep hurting others, included those who love us. For them this is a time to not just say sorry but to repent and return to the right path. Making amends for our past is vital to move forwards to a better and happier future.

The year 2017 comes to an end amidst an environment of gloom and depression in the country. We seem to be losing all that we have painstakingly built over the last 60 years, It was not an easy task but built with the sweat and blood of all Malaysians who have made this land their home with hopes for better lives for their children and grandchildren.

Today the country is going through very difficult times, racial and religious polarisation at its height, and massive corruption with tainted leaders who refuse to bow to the wishes of the people, blatant abuse of power with total disregard for law and order, extremely high crime rate, economic mismanagement, marginalisation of the minorities and an uncertain future for the people. These have resulted in loss of credibility in the governing system and its leaders.

There is an air of despair that is resulting in the emigration of talented citizens who are disillusioned with the poor treatment given to them. There is great fear of the country going downhill further to levels beyond redemption. The return of past leaders who are far past their prime is proof of a lack of capable and dedicated leaders to helm the country.

The year 2018 is very crucial as it offers people the chance to make the change necessary in the coming 14GE.Many people are of the opinion that this 14GE may be the last opportunity for change and if we fail, we may never get another chance again.

As law-abiding and peace-loving citizens let us step into 2018 with hope that we can bring about the change. Let us not let down the millions who are anxiously waiting for our votes of change come GE14.

Happy New Year

Tuesday, September 12, 2017



Often we tend to be judgemental from what we see.hear and feel especially on social media.Too often we are be wrong.This result in many innocent and good people suffering in pain and injustice meted onto them for their perceived wrongs.

We fail to understand, sometimes not even bothered to understand,the behavior of others – our family, friends, strangers and even foes.

If you could stand in someone else’s shoes
Hear what they hear
See what they see
Feel what they feel
Would you treat them differently?

If only we take some pains to see inside others’ hearts and understand their plight,our society will be a better place for all.

 The following video illustrates something humanity has to ponder

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

60th Merdeka 2017 - 'Negaraku: Sehati Sejiwa'

Clinging onto fading hope

Image result for merdeka 2017Like me, many Malaysians in their sixties, would be marking this 60th Merdeka of our nation with heavy hearts. Having seen better times before we are disturbed to see the state of affairs in the country today. Our nation is being plagued by a number of ills that makes our hearts painful.

As a nation we have made tremendous progress since our independence, but today we seem to be losing all that we have achieved. These achievements did not come to us freely but earned by the sweat and toil by all of us, regardless of race, creed and political believes. 

The ills in our country today that must be addressed with some urgency are:
1. Racial and religious polarisation that is leading to tension among the races. Racial and religious unity and goodwill has become a top priority in the country.
2. Failed education system leading to declining levels of moral values and standards in all areas. We are failing to produce people of calibre and integrity. There is lack of role models in every aspect of Malaysian life today
3. Financial mismanagement with massive corruption and escalated cost of living that has become a big burden to the people.
4. Blatant abuse of power and lawlessness leading to high crime rate and insecurity for the people
5. Politicisation and commercialisation of all services and all aspects of life

The just concluded KL2017 Sea Games may give us some hope that all is not lost. The victory in the games may bring some feel-good effects but it will take much more commitment, determination and sacrifices on our part and especially of our leaders to bring the right changes for lasting peace, harmony and prosperity for our people.The contribution of every citizen counts towards realising this aim of creating a united and progressive nation that we were once proud of in the world.

The coming 14GE offers us another chance to save the nation. As citizens let’s do our part and hope and pray that our leaders do theirs to bring the nation back in the right direction.

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-60

New year 2018

Reflections and resolutions There is no better news to end the year 2017 than Dr.M apologizing for the wrongs he did during his ten...