Sunday, August 31, 2014

57years Merdeka nation on reverse gear despite progress

Merdeka 57 – Hopeful despite gloomy 

This year our Merdeka is of special significance. It is 57th year of independence that was obtained from the British in 1957.Independence did not come automatically, it was hard-earned with the blood and sweat of our forefathers of all races. Despite having come from different lands and diverse cultures, they came together as citizens to fight for our independence and to make this land their cherished motherland for them and their children. 
They then worked hard to develop this land to what it is today. No one community can claim sole responsibility for our success as it was with the concerted efforts of all that we could achieve all that have today. Our forefathers started from extremely humble beginnings, being poor padi farmers, rubber tappers and tin miners. They gave everything they had to make this country their own,which they were proud to call Malaysia.
But today the country that we have inherited from our forefathers is far from what it was before. We are now into our third generation after independents but things have begun to go wrong, far from the ideals of forefathers on which the nation was founded. We are so divided by race, creed and colour of our skin like never before. The very existence of a multiracial population is being questioned by the younger generation who seem to be have guided by a distorted history of our origins.
Belonging to the second generation of immigrants to this country it is sad to know all our contributions and sacrifices are not only not appreciated but our sincerity and loyalty to the nation is questioned.We have nowhere to go and many have not set foot in any foreign land including that from where their ancestors came.We are not here to question the provisions of the constitution under which our nation was founded  and which must be safeguarded at all costs by all. The citizens of all races are all here to stay for good and it is time for our leaders to accept this as a fact and emphasise it to the youth to ensure lasting  peace and progress of our nation.
As an environment of gloom and despair looms over us by the increasing polarisation of the people, the suppression of the rights of the people, injustice against those who defend truth and the fear that grips those who do good, let us search our hearts sincerely to see where we have gone wrong.Let’s get rid of the hatred and suspicion from our  hearts for people of different race and faith and replace them with goodwill and tolerance as it was during the days of our founding fathers.
Many believe that our nation can only be saved through divine intervention but such intervention will never fall from the sky but only prevail through sincere conversion of our hearts by adopting love and good will for fellow men not hate and suspicion that we all harbour now.We may all be different but are one in spirit as Malaysians.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Good bye Bro.George Lim

The final farewell to Bro.George Lim

George Lim
28 August 1935 - 31 July 2014

TBC is deeply saddened and disturbed by the sudden and untimely death of its most active and senior most member. He left us without saying goodbye. We miss him dearly and will continue to feel the pain of his loss for a very long time.

Meanwhile let us continue with our activities with greater fervour especially our services for the sick, elderly, poor and needy. Let us encourage one another to develop our ailing TBC.
May our departed beloved Bro rest in peace

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