Friday, July 31, 2015

Abdul Kalam passes away

The passing of a ‘little giant’

Former Indian President and scientist, Dr.Abdul Kalam has been laid to rest in the humble surroundings of his hometown, Rameswaram in India. His end was as humble as his beginning.

He started his life as a poor newspaper boy, helping to supplement the family income. Despite his impoverished life as a young man, he showed tremendous passion in his studies which with his with hard work took him to greater heights as a scientist and later as the 11th President of India.

He is one of the great men who did not forget his past but took great pride of his humble beginnings. He did not forget his parents and early teachers whom he credited for his success. After willingly leaving his presidency he went back to his simple old life, inspiring the youth to work hard for uplifting his country to a developed.

His message to the youth, whom he had special interest, was nothing but hard work and good values. This can be summarized into the following 4 steps, 1.Have a dream 2.Acquire knowledge 3.Hard work and 4.perseverance.  

Abdul Kalam may have left us but will continue to live in our hearts for a very long time. He has left footprints in our lives that will be hard to erase. He might have been a little man in stature but a giant at heart and will.

May he rest in peace

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