Friday, October 02, 2015

Mahatma Gandhi's 146th birthday

Gandhi’s message for hope

Mahatma Gandhi may be remembered as the man who won independence for his country from the British but to me he means more than that,he has become a conscience in the hearts of many as I see him as a man ho preached and lived a life that is exemplary for all man.

At a time of great trial that goes on in our lives and now in our country, three messages of Mahatma Gandhi gives a little hope and reassurance in our own hearts. On this 146th birthday of this great man on non-violence and peace let us reflect on these words of his in relevance to our own life and that in our country today.
 Own lives we will realise is not one of roses but full of challenges, trials and tribulations. Every success brings joy that is short-lived but every failure is a permanent lesson that gives us the wisdom to equip us better to face the next challenge which always never ends.

Gandhi’s words, “God sometimes does try to the uttermost those whom he wishes to bless” gives some comfort that the trials that come our way may indeed be blessings in disguise  which we may be thankful one day.

At the national level today our country is in turmoil, with massive corruption and power abuse that go unchecked despite being committed so openly. Wrong has become right and right wrong and we are confused what to teach our children.The culture, “Money is King” has become deeply entrenched due greatly by our greed in general.

Gandhi’s observation is right that tyrants and murderers may seem invisible for a time but in the end they always fall.

These words of the Mahatma gives us some hope that our country will soon overcome the tyranny that has taken roots on our soil. We must remember that as citizens we can only defeat the tyrants who rule us by eradicating the greed in our hearts. Laws and civility must rule us not greed for money and wealth.

We are extremely sad that truth is being hidden and in place we have a ‘religion’ that promotes fake and crime to justify greed. Today   regardless of our creed and race, have all become more religious but are we really religious in the way our God wants?

Gandhi’s message “There is no God higher than truth” should give us some food for thought and whatever religion we profess, truth the being supreme order of the Almighty will finally prevail one day.

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