Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi Bday 2013

 A tribute to the soldier of peace
Tomorrow 2 October is Mahatma Gandhi's 144th birthday. This great man lived a life of extreme simplicity promoting peace and non-violence at all costs. He was against any form of violence for whatever reason and he called himself a soldier, not one who fights wars but a soldier of peace. He defeated the might of the British Empire not with force but by his non-violence  and peaceful resistance to its racist policies which won him the respect and admiration of the whole world including the British themselves.
It is ironical that he spent his entire life fighting a war against violence but ultimately was killed violently at an advanced age at the hands of his own people who felt he was selling off their rights to the enemies.
As a tribute to this great man whom many called Mahatma, I like to share a short self-compiled video of him. He was not a man of great wealth or power and neither was he the ruler of vast empires, but he left behind a simple and humble legacy that has become the conscience in the hearts of millions to this day.

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