Thursday, August 30, 2012

Merdeka is for all Malaysians not just politicians

Don’t politicize the Merdeka celebrations

These days every activity in the country seems to be politicized. Official government functions, sporting events, national festival open houses and even religious occasions and places of worship are now being politicizes to gain votes. Even a national event like the Merdeka celebrations has not been spared. This can be attributed to the most crucial and keenly contested 13GE which is to be held anytime soon.

As Malaysians from all walks of life unite to mark the independence of their nation 55 years ago, it is deeply disturbing that the celebrations of our independence, is being so politicsed that it seems to mar the significance and importance of the auspicious day which we all fondly call Merdeka. It is regrettable that political parties have total disregard for the national day which should be above politics.

The choice of the Merdeka theme and the logo created so much controversy that is yet to be amicably settled. We now have one theme and logo by the ruling party and another for the opposition, which is totally absurd.
To add to the controversies is the decision by certain quarters who want people to join in the annual Merdeka eve countdown at Dataran Merdeka, wearing yellow T-shirts, the color of Bersih, the movement calling for free and clean elections. This has been objected to by the government which warned them not to do so as they do not have a permit to gather. It doesn’t make sense asking group of citizens to obtain a permit to gather and celebrate their national day. There is even talk that only selected people are allowed to join in the celebration in the Bukit Jalil Stadium on the night of August 31st. These have created a scenario where there are two sets of celebrations, one or the ruling party and another for the opposition.

Such divisive politics was never witnessed before when Malaysians of all ethnicity and walks of life, regardless of their political ideologies, were free to participate in the celebrations as they wished.As long as they gathered in peace, there were no restrictions on the way they celebrated or the color of the attire they wore. No police permit was needed. All it mattered was they were all citizens and that was enough to unite them in sharing their pride and joy of their independent nation.

The Merdeka celebrations are not only for political parties. It is for all Malaysians regardless of their political affiliation, ethnicity or creed. It is a day to recall and be grateful to the many who put behind their differences, united and sacrificed so much regain the sovereignty of the nation. It would be a tragedy if we allow it to be hijacked by political parties for their own gains. We long for a day when our   leaders from across the political divide can come together to celebrate Merdeka with the masses whom they claim to serve unconditionally. That will be greatest lesson on unity that they can demonstrate to the people.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Punch Gunalan’s death a great loss

The passing of a legend

Most Malaysians of my generation will remember the late Datuk Punch Gunalan him for his brave and spirited encounter with badminton ace Rudy Hartono of Indonesia in the Thomas Cup Finals in 1970.Although he loss that match but the memories of that highly exciting  match still remain vividly in our minds.

The untimely demise of this badminton legend is indeed a great loss to the nation especially badminton. Malaysians in general and badminton fans in particular are deeply grieved by his death.

His contributions to the nation especially in badminton will never be forgotten for generations to come. He was a great and patriotic Malaysian, an example for all young sports men and women in the country.
Punch Gunalan was a hero who brought much glory and honour to Malaysia at the prime of his life. He may have left us but will continue to live on as a legend in the hearts of many.
We offer our deepest sympathies to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Malaysian wins bronze in London Olympics 2012

Malaysian wins bronze in London Olympics 2012

Pandelela’s victory a boost for sports

The winning of a bronze medal by national diver Pandelela Rinong Pamg,in the women’s 10meter dive is another feat by an ordinary Malaysian. The win by the 19-year-old Sarawakian marks Malaysia's second medal at this year's Olympic summer games after Lee Chong Wei's silver medal in the men's badminton singles. Her victory also marks Malaysia's first ever Olympic medal from a sport other than badminton.

We salute Pedelela for her victory that has brought glory to the nation at a time when we least expected and hope her achievement will act as a motivation for other youngsters throughout the country to excel in whatever they do.

Pendelela’s victory simply goes to show that we are not lack of talent among the people and what is needed is a better and more effective means to tap the potentials among ordinary Malaysians to bear the fruits of success that would take us to greater heights in future Olympics.

It is time to look for talented young man and women in not just in badminton and diving but in every other sport that are being competed in the Olympics. The various sports associations must take this victory as a challenge to develop their respective sports in the country to international levels. Go to every nook and corner of the country in search of talented young men and women to be trained in the sport they love.

Pendelela’s victory should be morale booster for all in particular our sports organizations that they can do it if they want. It is not enough to merely shout,  “Malaysia Bolih” but quietly strive hard to make that slogan come true and not remain just a rhetoric as most of our slogans are today.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bravo to Lee Chong Wei

Bravo to Lee Chong Wei

Despite not having fully recovered from injury, Datuk Lee Chong Wei(LCW), rose up to the occasion to give everything he had in trying his best to bring glory to the nation. We salute him for doing everything within his means to earn a medal for the nation at the London Olympics. Unfortunately it could not be a Gold as we would have preferred but a Silver.

His participation in the London Olympics and the final encounter with Lin Dan of China united Malaysians of all race and creed to rally behind and support him in his endeavor to win a Gold for the nation. Such unity is indeed one of the best benefits sports can offer us.It was one of the rare occasions where we forget our differences and unite as Malaysians. How wonderful it would be to have such sporting events more often?

Touched by the over-whelming support from all Malaysians, LCW has pledged to try again for a Gold in the next Olympics in 2016.While we appreciate LCW's enthusiasm to win Gold for the nation, I think it is time for the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to wake up and rise above politics and seriously search for more young talents in badminton. Being a leading badminton nation, it is a nothing to be proud off to just produce one star in many years. We should by now be like China, able to produce many stars to replace the aging ones.

Can the BAM do that? I am sure it can if it has the will and right approach. We do not have to offer millions for a Gold medal but the right appreciation for the sacrifices of our sportsmen and sports women. In fact over-commercialization of any sport will only be detrimental in the long term.  

We have the talents, we have the money and we have the means to excel in almost all the sports but do we have the will to adopt the right approach without commercial and political interference? Whether we reach the top and join the ranks of other advanced nations depends very much on us, our own talents, expertise and sacrifices, as no outside force can help us to achieve excellence without a hefty price.

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