Friday, November 22, 2013

Sex with daughter disgusting and deplorable

 Act to stop further deterioration of morality

I refer to the shocking report, “My dad, my lover” (Star 21 November) which made many right-thinking Malaysians feel very sick to the core.

Sex with one’s own daughter is a grievous and unforgivable sin that is strongly condemned by all cultures and religions. In fact most communities recommend the most severe forms of corporal punishment for such perpetrators.

This man treated his own daughter like a prostitute to satisfy his carnal appetite. We should all condemn his immoral acts in the strongest terms. Hope the authorities take prompt action to bring him to justice and mete out severe punishment so that others will be deterred from committing such sins.
Even the worst fathers will protect his daughters at all costs, even giving up their own lives at times. Even many criminals and thugs who frequent prostitutes may not go to girls of their daughter's age. That much respect and love fathers have for their own daughters.

The love of a father for his daughter is highly noble not carnal like in the case of this father. It is hard to understand how his fatherly love for her as a baby and child can turn to lust years later. It is frightening to think that a young girl cannot be safe with her own father. If she cannot find the security with her own father, who else can she turn to in times of trouble or need? The behavior of this father is highly disgusting, deplorable and insane which all right thinking humans must condemn to the utmost

Immoral behaviors like this are becoming more rampant in our society which in the past used to take pride of the high morals among the people. We claim to have become more religious, giving great importance to spiritual activities, prayers and worship but the moral values among our people seem to have declined instead of rising as it should be with the increasing spirituality.

With such perverted morality as incest, rape and other sexual and other crimes becoming more and more frequent and blatant, we tend to wonder where we are we leading to as a human society? Will humanity ever return to the era of strict morality, discipline and respect for the elderly which produced many great men and women of the past? Will the fear of God that ruled us before ever return?

While the answers to these may not in the affirmative it is however timely to seriously look into this problem of declining morality in our society and take remedial steps to check further deterioration. Proper moral education and true leadership by example are the only ways to check such rot in our society.

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