Tuesday, February 11, 2014

P.Waythamoorthy resigns after failed mission

Fate of Indians in their own hands

 The resignation of Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) chairperson P Waythamoorthy as Senator and deputy minister comes as no surprise if one has been following the political developments in the country. How can  a man fighting for the poor and marginalised Indians find a place in today’s BN fully controlled by Umno? How will Umno and its so-called allies in BN struggling to regain their lost credibility and cling onto power at all costs have any time for Waytha and his poor Indians who make up just a tiny fraction of the population?
The action of the BN government in rushing to convict Waytha’s elder brother P Uthayakumar of sedition and send him to jail on the same day and time Waytha was sworn as the deputy minister itself speaks volumes for the respect and regards Prime Minister and Umno president Najib Tun Razak and his Umno-BN have for Waytha whom they even accused of being a terrorist at one time. It was strange when ordinary people could see through the insincerity of BN leaders, a person like Waytha failed to do so.

I hope Waytha’s experiences over the last 10 months or so as a deputy mister in Najib’s government will open his eyes and make him wiser in his continuing struggles to uplift his poor fellow Indians. I am sure by now he would also realised that Umno and BN are not willing to go out of their way to help the poor Indians out of their socio-economic woes. In fact nobody is going to do that without some hidden agenda. Waytha must work hard to drum this hard reality into the Indians who continue to live in a fantasy world hoping help will come to them from outside.

The Indians must depend on themselves alone to come up in life by hard work, right attitude and self-pride if they want to be respected by others. They cannot and should not depend on Umno, BN or even the Pakatan for their progress, as none will do anything for them as they have their own agenda.
The Indians today are in a very pathetic state. They have become “beggars” in their own country, which they toiled to build together hand in hand with the fellow Malays and Chinese.

They gave everything they had in their service to the nation. Despite all their sacrifices, today they are far behind the others although they had the same opportunities as them. Why are they a failed community today? Who is to be blamed for their failure? By keep blaming others for their failure is not going to take them anywhere. It is not because of others they are poor but due to their own making.

The leaders both political and non-political, experts in the various socio-economic and professional fields and the Indians themselves must have a hard look at the situation they are in today and make concerted efforts to regain their past glory. The future of Indians is in their hands and not in the hands anybody or any powerful force outside either physical or spiritual. The power to change and be counted is within them and it all depends whether they are willing and capable to tap that potential within them.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Tribute to Tunku Abdul Rahman on his 111th birthda

 Bapa Merdeka and the Prince of Peace

It is indeed very depressing to read of the many racist activities going on in our country today. Not a day passes without some untoward racist incidents taking place or some racist words uttered somewhere in the country. A nation that used to be a  model for excellent race relations seem to be turning into one where racism is becoming rampant and openly practiced as though it is a legitimate right of the perpetrators. To make matters worse no action appears to be forthcoming from the authorities to stop this dangerous disease that may soon destroy everything the people of the various races and creed have toiled to build over the last 60 years, the most important being goodwill and brotherhood.

The Tunku might have gained the independence for the country from the British colonialists nearly 60 years ago but the people are still struggling for real independence in their land as true independence of their minds,hearts and soul is yet to be realised.There genuine fears today whether they will ever realise the ideals of their Father of Independence.

At a time of great racial tension in our country today, it is refreshing to recall some thoughts of our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. He may be the Father of Independence but he was also the Prince of Peace for all Malaysians at that time. He may not have been the most brilliant or the most capable administrator or an economic wizard but he was good human and a leader who had a heart for all regardless of race or creed. It was this quality that made him great in the eyes of the people who loved him so much. It may be 24 years after he died but the people of all races still remember and cherish the fond memories of this great man especially on Merdeka Day. 

His love and goodwill towards all citizens regardless of race or creed was the most important legacy that he has left behind for us. As we mark his 111th birthday this 8 February 2014, let us pledge to foster and promote greater mutual tolerance, goodwill and peace among all our fellow Malaysians to build a nation of which our Bapa Kemerdekaan will be proud.

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