Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Teacher's Day 2017

 You made the difference

To all our teachers

Wherever you may be, existing and departed.
Thank you to each and everyone of you 
All you have done to mold us in your peculiar ways
You made the difference in our lives 
You have a special place in our hearts.

Happy Teacher's Day.

16 May 2017 


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day 2017 - A mother's unconditional love

This short story a mother and her teenage daughter highlights the unconditional love of a mother for her rebellious daughter who runs away from home, in search of freedom. Despite being hurt so much, the mother still did everything for her out of the love she had for her.

Runaway Daughter Finds A Strange Kindness, Finds Her Way Home
 "Mom, you need to give me some space!" she cried out.
She was sick of her mother's nagging. One day, she decided enough was enough and took the extreme step -- she ran away from home.
With nowhere to go, and no money in her pocket, she met a kind stranger. A stranger who cooked her a meal for free.
A meal that seemed a bit too familiar. How did this stranger know her likes and dislikes? Why was she so kind?
And then the stranger told her about someone even kinder than her. Someone we often take for granted. Someone who has always been there for us from the moment we were born. Someone who loves us, cares for us, puts her own needs aside, and always thinks of us first. Someone who deserves a little more kindness and consideration than what she usually gets.
We all know that someone is none other than our own mother.
The following video is a reminder of a mother’s love for her child that cannot be matched by any other. It is touching and inspiring.

 In our lives there is only person in the world who for certain be willing to lay down her life for us, and that is none other than our mother. There is no greater love than that of a mother. However bad you are and however badly you hurt her, she is the one and only person who will forget and forgive everything and continue to sacrifice for you and for your return.

There is never a feeling of revenge in her heart for her children. Till her last breath she will go all out to serve you as she did from the time she gave birth to you, feed you and shed tears when you cried in pain.

She is the first face of God in our lives. She brought you into the world enduring so much pain, don't make her life painful and let her leave the world with such pain too.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers wherever they are and in whatever state they may be in.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nurses Day 2017

Technology and fading human touch

As we celebrate Nurses Day, the profession that was known for its noble services to the sick and dying is facing its greatest challenges that threaten the very founding principles the institution. These are two-fold. The first is the effects of technological advancements in the treatment of the sick and the second is the concurrent commercialization of the medical and healthcare services. In fact these two factors have not only made healthcare costs to become beyond the reach of the vast majority of people but regrettably also resulted in the loss of personal and humane touch to care of the sick and dying. 

 Sophisticated modern technology has drastically revolutionized the way the sick are treated today. It has made diagnosis easier and treatment more appropriate leading to faster and more complete recovery from many diseases that were deemed incurable just decades ago. Unfortunately these advances in diagnosis and treatment have become too costly to benefit the ordinary man on the street especially in developing countries.
Furthermore the highly “mechanized” and "corporatized" healthcare system has also eroded the human touch in the management of patients where nurses traditionally played a crucial role. This new profit-motivated system has little or no consideration for experience and emotional values and many dedicated nurses with experience and right aptitude are sidelined. In many institutions a nurse is reduced to just an extra pair of hands in the wards and clinics, implementing standard operating procedures without fully understanding them. 

We tend to forget that patients are just humans with emotions and feelings that are unique to each individual. We subject patients to extensive investigations and sophisticated treatment but we forget they also need compassion and moral support during their illness. This can only be provided by nurses who have the heart not technology however sophisticated it may be. Unfortunately such nurses are becoming a rarity in our highly mechanized and commercialized healthcare business. We are all familiar with slogans like ‘Service with a smile’, ‘Service a heart’, ‘We care’ and so on but do we really live up to these slogans?

Nurses today work under great difficulties and are under tremendous pressure from within and without. The demands on them are tremendous, at times almost unreasonable. Amidst these limitations we salute those who still hold on to the age-old tradition of offering a smile and a personal touch which the sick and dying need it most.

The adage, “Doctors diagnose nurses cure” highlights the extremely vital role nurses play in the total care of the sick. While the technical aspects of the profession may change with progress, the basic needs of the sick, love and concern, will forever remain unchanged.

Happy Nurses Day!

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