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Monday, November 09, 2015

Deepavali 2015 - Will good triumph over evil?

Malaysians of the Hindu faith will be celebrating their Festival of Lights or Deepavali tomorrow. This festival comes at a time when Malaysians are going through some very difficult times, politically and socioeconomically.
Ethnic tensions are the highest ever and there is a deep sense of despair among the minorities especially the Indians, who lack economic and political power. Poverty and crime rates are the highest and opportunities for education, jobs and decent and secure life are becoming increasingly more difficult.  
Over the last few years the 1MDB and other mega financial scandals have robbed us of our wealth and with the declining value of the ringgit whatever we have saved has become insignificant. The escalating cost of living is worrying. We now need hundreds of thousands or even millions of ringgit to afford a decent education, a comfortable house, reliable healthcare and proper food.

The most disheartening development of late is the culture of “Cash is King” which seem to have a upper hand as it is strongly propagated at the highest level. It looks like evil has taken control over good in almost everywhere. The abuse of the laws leave the ordinary people with insecurity and fear. The people stand helpless as those in power bulldoze their unfair views and ideas as the very laws meant to protect them are abused and blatantly disregarded. Corruption which was detested as evil is hailed and justified first as commission and now as donation. Civic mindedness is being punished as a crime but those who create hated and insult are praised as defending their race and religion. Lies were considered heinous crime but today justified as necessary to protect the interests of a few. There is generalized depression and despair as nobody seem to be able to lead us back to our origin right path.The question in the minds of every peace-loving citizen is “Will good win over evil once more”?

This Festival of Lights which signifies the victory of good over evil has become very relevant in our beloved country today, where the evil "Cash is King" seem to rule over good. We hope and pray that this festival marks the beginning of good winning over evil once more. As we look with hope for  good to triumph, let’s do our part for such a victory of good over evil in our own lives, our family and nation.
Wishing all Malaysians a Happy and meaningful Deepavali.

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