Monday, May 13, 2013

The aftermath of GE13

Kami Anak Malaysia
It is more than a week after the GE13 and still the dust has yet to settle as there are many who are unhappy with the results. The ruling BN as well as the Opposition PR are equally disappointed with the outcome. The former is unhappy as it did worse than before and the latter despite its gains claims it has won and its victory denied by fraudulent means by a heavily biased EC.
Fortunately the elections went on peacefully with no major untoward incidents reported. Pakatan has refused to accept the results of the EC and has wowed to take the fight for justice to the people in a series of rallies all over the country. It wants the EC to seriously address the alleged fraud in the elections. Despite the numerous calls and 3 mammoth rallies demanding action from the EC, it has yet to respond officially to these allegations, which make the people increasingly more suspicious and angry.
On the other hand the BN has reacted rather strangely by turning the election results into a racial issue, its leaders  calling it a Chinese tsunami and showing their displeasure with the Chinese voters by asking , “What else do the Chinese   want?” These are not only unwarranted but dangerous moves by the BN in a multi-racial country. Is it wrong for minority groups to defend their rights as provided for in the constitution? Don’t they have the freedom to vote for whom they like?
The PR has decided to compile and file the evidence to show its allegations of fraud with the EC. Meanwhile it has gone on a road show to explain its actions to the people. Opinion is divided on these public rallies, which have all been well attended in thousands by the people.
Whether these rallies are going to last and whether they will achieve their aims is left to be seen but one thing is sure it has united the people of all races especially the youth. It was heartening to see thousands of them Malays, Chinese, Indians and others taking great pains to flock to these heavily jammed rally venues, sitting together on the wet roads and soggy fields to listen to the opposition leaders. It was heartening to see these young men and women shouting at the top of their voices, “Kami anak Malaysia” repeatedly as though that phrase was their national theme. They seem to have forgotten their ethnic differences as all they remembered is they are Malaysians and were there for a common aim – to demand that justice be done to their votes.
The youths gathered at these rallies have sent a clear message to our leaders to stop all racist means to divide them. They seem to say they are all here to stay for good and bad. I sincerely hope our leaders will see the wisdom of not raising racist issues over and over again. Let racism and the evils related to it die with us so that our children can move on as Malaysians.
As I watched that touching scene of our youth waving their flags and shouting their unity slogan, I for a while forgot I was really in Malaysia, where such soothing and reassuring words and scenes were not heard seen for the last 30 years. Now I am convinced that my children have no better place to go than Malaysia, our beloved land


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