Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Najib's reputations versus Anwar's clownish strategy

In the Star today, in its report "Daim: Najib employed wrong strategy in polls" former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin referred to Anwar Ibrahim was a clown.


He blamed Najib for using his popularity to win which he failed miserably.What reputation does Umno has to depend on it to win?Umno is not what we used to know before.All we have in  Umno today are racist and corrupt.Even the hard-core Malay supporters are leaving and it is on the verge of collapse.
As to Daim calling Anwar a clown.This is what I have to say of the opposition leader:

1.He attracts huge crowds who take pains to come for his ceramah.Never seen such crowds before.
2.He promises to regain the billions of ringgit from those who robbed from the people,including Daim.
3.He promises to restore all the rot daim and BN had done.
4.He promises to bring back the people's dignity especially the poor
5.He promises to dismantle racism from our system
6.He has succeeded in forming a formidable opposition to check the abuses of BN for the forst time in 1/2 a century
7.And most important he has united the people especially the young of all races and creed to think as Anak Malaysia - not Malay,Chinese or Indian but Anak Malaysia
8.He has given hope to the people for a better Malaysia not a rotten one like we have today
Although that ray of hope may be temporarily dampened it is not extinguished,it will be rekindled in the near future.If all these are characteristics of a clown,then so be it.Let's have more clowns then.

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