Monday, May 27, 2013

Post GE impasse : Listening to people the only way out

 Huge crows at all the Black 505 rallies
Three weeks has passed since the GE13, nine Mammoth Black505 rallies have been organized all over the country with over ½ million people mainly youth have gathered in large numbers to protest the fraudulent elections which resulted in BN with less than 47% of the popular votes taking over the federal government, forcing the PR with over 51% of the votes back into the opposition.
The EC has been blamed for its lopsided attitude to help BN win by its unscrupulous and undemocratic means. The opposition parties are producing all forms of convincing evidence. These include open bribery, abuse of power by the caretaker government, a media that is one-sided in favour of the incumbent, phantom voters, foreign voters, abuse of early and postal votes, unusual blackouts at counting centres during the tallying of votes, mysterious ballot boxes being sent in late into the counting centres, and the most obvious cheating with the indelible ink which was easily washed away after voting.
Despite all the evidence and hundreds of thousands of people coming to protest, there is yet any definite response from the EC or the BN government. Such silence is a sign of total disrespect for the rakyat.
Instead of making efforts to address the people’s grouses the government has adopted a confrontational stance, arresting those who organize the rallies that are peaceful and legal. Such high-handed and intimidating tactics will only further aggravate the people’s anger towards the EC and the government.
The fact that the EC knew about the ink being not indelible but kept quiet about it is tantamount cheating the voters and that is itself enough to make the GE13 results null and void. If it was faulty then they should not have used it and make a mockery of the most important democratic process and make a fool of the voters who took the GE13 so seriously to make the voter turnout the highest in the history.

The people had placed so much importance on this election but they were taken for a ride by the EC. How can the EC take things so lightly when it was pointed out they have cheated the people?

NONEEven now after more that 1/2 a million people taking to peaceful rallies to vent their frustrations and anger over being cheated of their votes, the EC does not appear to be perturbed. What kind of EC is this? What more does it want from the people?
The people have put forward two demands; firstly the EC must immediately resign en block and a new EC  appointed with people of high integrity and secondly the new EC must conduct new elections, free and fair, in the 30 or so seats which were won by BN by dubious means.
Until these demands are met the opposition with the solid support of the rakyat have wowed to continue the fight for electoral justice by all peaceful means available to them within the law. From the determination and enthusiasm showed by the people at large it looks like they are not going to give p their fight easily.
NONEThe ball is now at the court of the EC and BN govt. They have to think very carefully of their next move as they are dealing with a young but matured and anti-racist rakyat who cannot be fooled by empty promises or cowed by confrontational threats. The best way out for them is to in give to the wishes of the people, which will be good for all parties.
 Giving in to the wishes of the people is a sign strength and victory not weakness  and defeat.

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