Thursday, May 30, 2013

crying for a dead mother - pathetic sight

What a pathetic scene.An innocent child losing the one who cares most for him right in front of his eyes.The most difficult part is that the child does not know what is death and it keeps trying to make her come back.How blessed we are to have our mothers till ripe old age who was there for us without fail in times of need.
How can fellow humans kill innocent people to cause such cruelty to innocent children for whom   mother is their whole world.

I saw such a child many years ago as houseman.The mother in her thirties suddenly collapsed at home and was rushed to the hospital where she died soon after arrival.Her son about 3-4 years old kept trying shake her to wake up crying,"mama wake up,mama wake up ..."It was very touching scene which I cannot forget till today.
This child can yell and cry his hearts out,but will never get his mother back but many of us have mothers crying for us day and night because of our disobedience,words and deeds.

If such a sight above cannot touch our hearts to bring us closer to our mother,I don't know what else can!

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