Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Praying for a fair and peaceful 13GE

The crucial 13GE is just around the corner. It is the most hotly contested elections ever. The possibility of the ruling party losing power after 55 years of continuous rule and the opposition gaining it for the first time creates excitement and anxiety among the people. Deep in the hearts of the people there is also the fear of the uncertainties that may follow if there is a change of government. How are going to cope with such an eventuality?

We are warned that we may not get a fair and free elections as the stakes are high in this election. As Bersih co-chairman Ambiga Sreenivasan says, “This this is not going to be a free and fair election. But we don't give up. We must soldier on and we must fight the fraud”. This fight involves the voters going out in full force to the polling centers on 5 May to cast their votes. Their mere numbers will be a show of force by people which may deter fraud to a certain extent. 

While we must do everything within our means to ensure a favorable and peaceful outcome, but our human efforts alone may not be enough without divine intervention from above. People of all faiths must gather to pray for the nation, for a fair and peaceful election where the people are free to vote without fear or harassment.   

Let’s all join in to pray specifically for the following intentions during this election:

1.Wisdom – Let’s ask God to enlighten the minds of the voters with great wisdom to vote the right person and party that will form the new government. They will be making one of the most important decisions in the lives in choosing their future. We hope and pray that God will guide them in the decision they make.

2.Courage. We pray that God grant the voters the courage to vote from their hearts and not out of fear or selfish desires for themselves and their families. Make them realize that their votes for the right party this time will help get rid of corruptions, abuse of power and racism that plague our nation

3. Abide by the laws. May the individuals and parties that participate in the elections conduct themselves in a dignified  and civilized manner upholding the laws at all times.

4.Emergence of new and capable leaders. May the 13GE give rise to the emergence of many young and talented leaders who are people oriented and dedicated to work for the people rather than for themselves. May the leaders who are elected be people with integrity and honesty and always willing to put the interest of their voters above them. 

5. Free and fair elections. Let us pray for a clean, fair and free election so that the people truly get what they voted for. 

6. Peaceful election. Let us pray for peace to prevail throughout the period of this election - before, during and after. May God guide the people and parties to accept the verdict of the people with magnanimity in keeping the principles of democracy. May the winners and losers close ranks quickly peacefully and return to serve the people who voted for them

Dear fellow Malaysians remember every vote counts in this election as it can make the difference. It is our sacred duty as voters to make special sacrifices to go all out to vote in this elections. Each one us has the responsibility to ensure the right government takes over the rule, a government that will guarantee the rights of all and caters for all citizens without favour.

In our hands lie the hope for a better future for us and our children, a future where we can live together side by side and hand in hand with all the races in the country as friends without hate or suspicion but love and respect for one another. Let our action on this 5 May 2013 be the first step in realizing this cherished dream for our nation.

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