Monday, April 01, 2013

Kudos to the retired generals who come marching in

The establishment of the People’s Security Advisory Council (MPKR) by Pakatan Rakyat headed by former army chief Hashim Hussein is indeed a positive move in strengthening the national security of the nation. The role of the council to advice the Pakatan leadersip on tactical moves related to national security issues and help in charting national defense policies and strategies would go a long way to enhance the professionalism in the armed forces. 

The decision of five retired generals of our Armed Forces to come forwards and openly support Pakatan comes at a very crucial time and a great boost for the opposition coalition just before the general elections. It is an achievement for opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who should be commended for bring then together in service to the nation.
We salute these generals for coming out their comfort zones and begin another term of national service. At a time when they should be resting and enjoying the lives with their families and grandchildren, it is indeed very generous of them to come forward to sacrifice their time and energy for the nation at  a very important point in its history - to set right the wrong course it is being steered.

If Pakatan succeeds in wresting Putrajaya from BN at the 13GE,these generals will go down in history as the five great warriors who were there when the nation needed them most.

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