Friday, April 05, 2013

GE13 - Parliament dissolved,let’s do our part now

 The long awaited moment has finally come. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has finally found the courage to dissolve  Parliament. Whether he did that willingly or was forced to do so remains uncertain. Win or lose it looks like the game is over for him.

It is puzzling but encouraging that Najib has promised that there will be a peaceful transition of power should there be a change in government after the 13th general election. Why the need to talk of transition of power at this stage? Is he conceding defeat even before the game has even started?  

However his statement, "We respect democracy, we are committed to our political transformation, we are committed to respect the voice of the rakyat", is very reassuring and gentlemanly. We hope that he will be able to keep his promise and ensure such a peaceful transition if the need arises. That is what the people want and that is what he must fulfill as the outgoing Prime Minister.

The next part of the game is in the hands of the Elections Commission (EC). The EC is duty- bound to ensure a clean, fair and free election which the people at large are doubtful. Despite the many protests from the opposition, NGOs and even the public, the EC has refused to seriously address the discrepancies in the electoral roll. It did not do anything to correct its image as being biased towards the ruling party, with which it has been aligned for so many years. 

For the first time in 55 years, the people feel they have the power to change, that they have the power to make history and it is the first time the leaders fear the judgment of the people. Such a scenario is good for democracy in which the people are the real masters.  It is therefore deeply disheartening and disturbing to know that the people are going to the most crucial 13GE with a EC that is not truly independent to conduct the elections fairly without fear or favour. Will the people’s votes carry the weight as they should? Will their votes truly reflect the final outcome of the elections? These are the doubts in the minds of the people as they prepare to go to the polls.

For the political parties and the politicians who want to contest to be elected as the people’s representatives, it is their duty to strictly adhere to the election rules and adopt the right reasons for choosing to stand for elections. It should not be for power or monetary gains but for service to the rakyat. We hope they adopt a highly professional attitude in their attempt to gain the support of the people and accept whatever verdict given by the people. The people deserve the best candidates; with highest level of integrity, honesty and commitment to serve the rakyat. The political parties must ensure these qualities in their candidates otherwise they risk being rejected by the increasingly wise voters.

For the people this election, called the mother of all elections, is a very important one that must be taken very seriously. The time has come when they must make one of most important decisions in their lives. They must not take it lightly but vote with great care and discern. Each individual may have just one vote but that single vote will go long way to determine the destiny of our nation and our future generation.
For the police and other law enforcement agencies, they must act fairly to ensure peace prevails before, during and after the polls. They must be highly professional in carrying out their duties to safeguard the peace and security of the nation.

For Malaysians it their solemn duty to abide by the laws of the country to avoid untoward incidents. They must not do or say anything that will provoke anger and hate which can lead to violence.   It is an opportunity to show the world our wisdom and maturity as citizens of a democratic nation. Whatever the results of the polls we must accept in a peaceful manner. The world is watching our democratic process in action and we must not let our country down.

For all right-thinking Malaysians who want a better future, GE13 would be the definitive general election to chart the destiny of generations yet to come. The power to change is in our hands. Let’s bring it on. Let us go out in full force to vote to prevent our fate from being decided by all the phantom voters and illegal immigrants who were granted citizenship. Only an extra-ordinarily large turnout can offset the many obstacles on our way to realize our dreams for a united and progressive nation where all citizens can live harmoniously in peace, justice and equality.

My fellow Malaysians, with the use of the power in our votes, we may be creating history at the 13GE. Let’s contribute and participate directly in whatever manner we can in this historic process.

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