Thursday, April 11, 2013

GE13 – Our sacred duty o change for the better

The much awaited 13GE is finally here after months of false alarms. Yes, Malaysians will go the polls on 5 may 2013.In fact since the dissolution of the parliament on 3 April 2013,the people are all so charged up with excitement and waiting eagerly for polling day as though they have all made up their minds who to vote. There has never been so much excitement in any other elections before.

This is mainly due to the fact this is the first time Malaysians realize the power of their votes which can change the government. It is the first time the politicians fear the might of the people.This is of course due to a strong and formidable opposition which for the very first time poses a serious challenge to the ruling BN to form an alternative government.

After 55 years of domination of the BN in national politics we are faced with three main problems in the country. These are rampant and major corruption,blatant abuse of power by the ruling party and openly resorting to racist abuses.

With major corruption at the highest levels, large amounts of money are siphoned out leading to the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer by the day. This has been successfully exploited by the Pakatan to create a great deal of unhappiness among the poor of all races. It has successfully converted this 13GE into a battle between the poor rakyat against the rich and powerful elite of the ruling BN.

The power is abused to cover up major scandals of the BN but Opposition members are unfairly harassed for alleged trivial breach of laws. The blatant abuse of power has resulted in the electoral process becoming a one-sided affair unfairly in favor of the BN. The Oppostion is not only unfairly denied access to the media but allowed to be threatened by thugs during their ceramah.

This has been again cleverly manipulated by the Pakatan to make the BN government look like a powerful, rich and arrogant bully of the poor and helpless Opposition. Thus the 13 GE is being seen by the rakyat as fight between poor David and mighty Goliath.  

The open resort to racist tactics by Umno-BN and its affiliates have seriously undermined the trust of the non-Malay parties in BN for Umno. The total silence of the Prime Minister and Umno President to such racist provocations by his own party stalwarts have hurt the feelings of the not just the non-Malays in BN but also the liberal and multi-racial minded Malays.

Bersih, the coalition of NGOs has called for the people to go out in full force without fear to vote come May 5th.The PM himself has assured the people that the police will ensure their safety before, during and after the elections. There is no reason for us not to vote; in fact it would be irresponsible of us not to do so.

This 13GE is not like other previous elections. It is of special significance as voters, representing all 28 million Malaysians, are given an important task to bring change that will begin the process to right the wrongs in our country. We may be busy but we must make special sacrifices, rain or shine, sick or otherwise, we must go out to vote in this most crucial election.

We must be firm in our conviction that political change is not an option but a must and to achieve that we must rise up boldly without fear to say enough is enough peacefully in the secrecy of the ballot box. Our vote today determines the future of our children in our beloved country so let us not neglect our sacred duty to the country and people. 

Admiral Nelson

This election reminds of  English Adimral Horatio Nelso’s inspiring words to his navy at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, "England expects that every man will do his duty”. That could have contributed to the victory for Nelson then. Similarly Malaysia today expects every citizen will do his/her duty on 5 May 2013 to bring the change that will take her to greater heights.

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