Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The man who brought the 'cake of peace'

Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the top PAS spiritual leader scored 2 major victories for peace over his weekend visit to Penang. First his unprecedented call on DAP Chairman and political antagonist Karpal Singh at the latter's home and the second was his meeting with the Bishop of Penang Sebastian Francis. Both these visits, coincided with the 82nd birthday of the PAS leader, and came at a time when Muslim- Christian tensions were running high of late, leading to the planned burning of bibles in Penang.

By calling on Karpal,Nik Aziz has shown a level of statesmanship that in not seen in our local political scene. The attitude of ‘agree to disagree’ is most welcome and an example for all political leaders. The goodwill behind Nik Aziz-Karpal meeting gave a boost to the unity of the parties in Pakatan. The meeting with Bishop Sebastian was a sign of his concern for the safety and respect for Christians as it was a day for the planned burning of bibles by Muslims in Penang. His actions help calm the tense situation that was created by irresponsible parties. 

Nik Aziz is the most sought after man for peace among the various races and faiths in the country. He is revered by both the Muslims and non-Muslims alike for his life of simplicity and honesty. He is a symbol of what a real man of God should be - simple, honest, and righteous and above all have the love for fellow men regardless of their race or creed. If only there are more such people like him among Muslims and non-Muslims alike there will not be any major inter-faith disputes that will be beyond amicable solution.

On this 82nd birthday we wish TG Nik Aziz a very happy and memorable birthday. We pray that God (whatever name we prefer to call Him) will bless him with good health for many more years so that he can continue to be a guiding and moderating figure for inter-faith harmony in the country. His presence is of great importance at time of intense political campaigning for the crucial 13GE that may create tensions among the people of diverse faiths.

We pray that God will bring together more moderate minded leaders like Tok Guru from all religions to the forefront of our nation so that the suspicion and hate among the people of different faiths will soon disappear from the hearts of all Malaysians.

Happy birthday Tok Guru.

God bless Malaysia

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