Monday, January 14, 2013

Pongal 2013 A time to reflect on our failures

A Happy Pongal to all Malaysians of Indian origin

Pongal is a harvest festival that reminds us of our origins and our past. We may have advanced tremendously but we must not forget our past, the humble beginnings of our colorful culture that takes pride in our cherished values of duty, dignity and discipline.

Today we are fast losing these values as we struggle to cope with the advances in the modern world where such values appear useless and a hindrance to our material progress. We may have become more religious but in actual fact have we? Religion should be part of our life as a guide but unfortunately to many religion has become their life, where rituals have replaced values and form replaced substance.

Today instead of indulging in all the rituals let’s reflect to see where we stand as a race in our country and the world. What respect do we command among others? In our country why are we in such a deplorable state, to be looked down by others and having to depend on handouts? What has gone wrong with our values and principles? 

Pongal is not about boiling  pongal rice and shouting ‘pongalo-pongal’.It is not about sugar canes and cows or watching the newly released movies  but it is about regaining our past glory as a premier community in the country.

The past is not something to be shy of but however humble it could have been be, it is a lesson for the present and the future. Unless we appreciate and take pride of our past we can never be successful as a race, family, nation and most of all as a human.

Happy Pongal

Attaching a meaningful song that takes pride in our humble but valuable past

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