Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bible burning a despicable act

 Perkasa President Ibrahim Ali’s call to burn all Malay bibles that contain the word ‘Allah’ is most unbecoming of a lawmaker who is responsible for representing the interests of all his constituents, which include Christians as well.

Burning of the Bible or for that matter a sacred document of any faith is a despicable act of cowards who are not brave to engage in civil dialogue to settle their disputes amicably as their religion teaches. They have no respect whatsoever for God whom they claim to worship. Fortunately this irresponsible and incentive act is condoned by only a few as the vast majority of our Muslim friends are also disgusted with this proposed bible-burning event.

Perkasa and its leader Ibrahim Ali may be just an MP, not even in the cabinet but appears stronger than the PM and his cabinet. They fear him because he can bring them down. The PM could have given his approval before for Allah to be used by non-Muslims but will he have the courage to defend his previous stand now when it matters most?

It is disgusting that a MP can openly call for the burning of the Bible which is sacred to the Christians. It is even more shocking that he can do it so openly without any condemnation from his colleagues and the top political leaders. Those in positions of power who must stop this crazy man from destroying the peace among the races choose to be silent for fear of losing.

How do we, the minority, handle such trouble-makers who blatantly breach the laws and with the enforcement agencies standing idle watching from the sidelines? Call for peaceful dialogue falls on deaf ears and the unreasonable assault on our religion and rights continues unabated. This is the greatest test for the minority non-Muslims in our country.

As the minority we are hurt and angry with the way those with power are trying to bully us to give up our constitutional rights as citizens. But this is the time we should have faith in what we believe - the truth will finally prevail if we have the patience to keep the peace till the end.

Something from Mahatma Gandhi to reassure and give us hope, "If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm."

With the all-important 13GE so close and the BN for the first time appears to be losing, people like Ibrahim will do anything to just to keep Umno-BN in power. On our part let's not be drawn into this filthy political game. We go slow with our claim of the 'Allah' and not act with anger but with great patience and restraint to maintain the peace we have. Let us not retaliate but allow the police to investigate professionally and take necessary action on those responsible as we wait for the God-given opportunity to show displeasure peacefully at the coming polls them. Let us use this issue to show what we really are - patient, forgiving and peaceful.

Whatever happens remember God is watching us and He will do what is right at the right time. Human leaders can let us down but not God. Let’s continue to have faith in God that He will be on our side when it matters most. They can burn our bibles, our churches and even our bodies but they cannot burn away the God who dwells in our hearts, doesn't matter what we choose to call Him.

God bless Malaysia

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