Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas with my aged parents

I made special efforts to visit my parents last Christmas as they were getting very old and sickly with each passing day. I can still remember the days when I and my siblings were small and used to leave empty socks on Christmas night which my father never failed to fill them with his gifts. Yes, made us believe that Santa Clause was real and that made Christmas very exciting for all of us.

This time I decided to give them some special gifts to celebrate that day with them. It was my way of telling them “I thank you for all that you have done and will always love you”.


Presenting the simple Christmas gifts to my dad – see the happiness on my dad’s face


The apron and the towel

 Although the time I spent with my elderly parents on this Christmas day was short, it was nevertheless very meaningful and satisfying. It was especially so as my father was seriously ill. The gifts I gave them may not be great but even that gave them great joy which was visible even in my ailing father’s face, who had to make great efforts just to say, “Thank you”. I could feel the warmth and joy as he said those 2 words with great difficulty.

Presenting the cross which my mom really loved

As I left them I was so sad and kept praying that my dad would recover a little so that he can be with my mother and us a little longer. Despite their advanced age and sickness they continue to be a source of  inspiration and solace to me in difficult times. I will continue to treasure every moment with him. 

May the Lord bless them with good health and peace at the final stages of their lives.

Wishing them a meaningful and blessed Christmas and a hopeful New Year  

Joice Malathi

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