Friday, May 06, 2011

Sex video fiasco unwarranted and shameful

Public airing of sex video disgusting and wrong

The sex video allegedly involving the Opposition leader that was released recently has caught the nation’s attention for more than a month still with no signs of ending anytime soon. It was released to the media and the subsequent detailed coverage by all the mainstream and cyber media makes one wonder where we are heading on sexual morality. The controversy and public debate created by the sensational video has caught most Malaysians off guard. How can an Islamic country tolerate public display and debate of sexually explicit video images?

First we had the sex video being screened to selected journalist in a luxurious hotel and no action whatsoever was done despite the public outcry and the act itself being illegal. Then it was uploaded onto the Internet to be viewed by many including curious children. Still no action was forthcoming although what was done was immoral and legally wrong. It then made its way into national TV to be screened at prime time and watched by millions of Malaysians; men, women, children and religious leaders alike. Still the authorities are hesitating to take action. If this not being negligent what it is?

It is shocking that apart from a few religious leaders and members of the opposition, no top government leaders and officials came out to publicly condemn outright in the strongest terms the screening and display of pornographic material. Even the Prime Minister and his deputy who is also the Education Minister have been conspicuously silent on the matter, which is having disastrous effects on sex and morality especially among our children. How is that the government, police and all government-linked agencies including religious bodies don’t seem to be interested in protecting the citizens from such smut?

The act in the video is about not some trivial matter; it is about illicit sex, adultery and prostitution, all of which are considered grievous sins in every religion. Furthermore the person who is alleged to be the pornographic actor is not an ordinary man, but an influential and respected former deputy Prime Minister and now the Parliamentary Opposition Leader whose Opposition alliance enjoys the support of 50% of the electorate. If the government fails to protect such a high profile person against all forms of immoral allegations and slander, how will it be expected protect ordinary citizens?

It is sad that the ruling party and government see the opposition leader as a threat and not as a comrade in serving the rakyat. They see him as a mere politician not as a human with a wife, children and grandchildren, who must be treated with respect and protected from humiliation and slander, especially those of sexual nature.

It is disturbing that a citizen who makes a police report against such slander is being subjected to stringent probe by the police while those who admitted having broken the law by screening pornography are free at large and continue to haunt the person who had made the report in the first place. What message is the police sending to law-abiding citizens, report or not to report a crime that they witness?

Another disturbing issue is the refusal of the authorities to heed public calls to stop this smut being spewing into public domain. Despite the outrage expressed by the large majority of Malaysians against this sex video to be publicly displayed and debated in the media, those responsible for the fiasco continue to upload it onto the internet and even show on national TV with no reprisal whatsoever. They seem to enjoy exceptional immunity from the wrath of the law which they admit have breached.

This is a very dangerous precedent that encourages others to ignore the rule of law, which can lead to state of lawlessness and chaos. The laws of the land are supreme and anyone breaking them should be dealt with severely without fear or favor.

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