Friday, May 20, 2011

Reject those who propagate racists

Reject the racists

I refer to 'Don't use ISA or sedition laws against Ibrahim Ali'

I agree with PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim that Sedition Act nor the Internal Security Act be used against Ibrahim Ali, the leader of Malay right-wing group Perkasa, calling for jihad against the Christians,which is indeed a serious incitement that could lead to chaos in the country.

Nobody should be charged under these 2 suppressive laws which should not be there in the first place in this modern era. There are enough civilized laws to deal with such people who incite hate among the races.There is no question that the government should take stern action against such people without fear or favor to maintain the existing peace and harmony in the country.

However what is more important is for the people to reject such people who are the real traitors to the nation, pitting one race against another. After 54 years of living together, understanding and respecting each other’s differences, we should be mature and wise enough to reject people who are out to sow the seeds of hatred in our midst. The vast majority of Malaysians of all races are indeed peace loving people who want to go about in peace together struggling to make ends meet. Why should we allow trouble makers to disrupt our harmonious living as fellow Malaysians?

The government that pledges 1Malaysia must put a stop to these irresponsible people. Unfortunately it is not doing so for obvious reasons and we must reject it just as we should reject people who incite ethnic hate. As responsible and mature citizens we must reject racism in any form and anyone who may promote it regardless of their political or racial status. We must support any one and any party that wows to fight racism.

Fortunately such public utterances of racial incitements of late by irresponsible politicians is in fact having a positive effect as it seems to be desensitizing the people to such racial incitements. People at large are not aroused to take up arms against fellow citizens of different ethnicity. This shows the maturity and wisdom of the people in general which are the only ‘weapons’ that we have to free our beloved nation from the grip of racist people.

DSAI correctly pointed out, "Jihad does not only mean perang salib (crusade), it does not mean the killing of Christians and Muslims, (but it) includes acts of prevention (by) using one's hands, mouth, writing and other means".

This should be stance of true leaders who mean well for the nation and the people. They should stand firm in the defense of the people despite the odds against them. Killing others, depriving them of their rights because of the color of their skin or the faith they profess is never right in any religion. A leader who does not stand up against these basic human principles does not deserve the support of the people and should be rejected outright.

Whether those who promote racism flourish or die off depends on the people. It the people support them they flourish if they reject them they will die a natural death. So let us decide whether to support or reject them.

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