Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 Reflections

Appreciating the sacrifices of our mother

From a very young age we are taught that it is important to appreciate and be grateful for the sacrifices of those who have helped to make us what we are today. The most important person who helped to mold our character and shape our life is none other than our mothers. All of us owe our successes to her who willingly unselfishly sacrificed all she had for our well being. She may not be perfect but is the only one in the world for whom sacrifice for her children brought joy and satisfaction.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it may be timely for us to reflect on the sacrifices of this wonderful creation of God, our mother. Most middle-aged mothers in their late forties and fifties expressed great fears and anxieties related to the uncertainties surrounding their children who are in their twenties.

Some of these problems include the pain and agony caused by the fears and anxiety when their children leave home for the very first time to pursue their studies overseas or when one of them fail in important exams that determine their future. Another major fear of a mother is when her son or daughter makes a grievous mistake in the choice of the life partner that plunges his/her lives into chaos. Mothers are extremely disturbed if one of her children gets entangled with bad company and resorts to drugs, crime and immoral activities. Children being inflicted with incurable diseases or being involved in fatal accidents are extreme causes of sorrow, depression and even nervous breakdown from which a mother my never recover.

These are some of the common fears middle-aged mothers experience today. Some may be unfounded but others may be genuine but whatever it may be such fears need to be allayed. There is nobody except the children themselves who can allay their fears by their actions and words and more so by their attitude of love towards them. It is they who can reassure them of a place in their hearts wherever they are and that would suffice to allay a major part of their fears.

All mothers, regardless of their ethnicity or faith, are the same, slogging and worrying for their children, as they want the best for them. Often they struggle to do that at the expense of their own health and conveniences. They continue doing that till the last days of their lives.

The problem today is many young men and women fail to realize they are the cause of much of the fears and anxiety in their mothers. They are so preoccupied with their lives that they fail to realize the sacrifices of their mothers let alone valuing them. They fail to see the tremendous pains the mother takes everyday to cater for the many things they need. Many of these deeds may seem very trivial and routine but the mother does them with great love day and night without fail. She is always there whenever they need her.

These young men and women may be busy with their studies, their career or with their own families that they have just started but despite their busy schedules, they must pause to see and appreciate what their mother is doing for them. She sacrifices much of her time, energy and possessions with full commitment and love in order that they may be successful in the future.

It is their duty to help to reduce her burden by participating in her sacrifices for the family. Whether her fears for their well-being are real or unfounded, the onus is on the children to reassure her that they will do well in their studies or in their career and their lives the way she expects. There can never be a happier person than the mother to see the successes of her children.

Those of us who are older, especially those who have come from humble beginnings, and are now in positions of comfort should go back home and feel the hands of our mothers that were soiled and toiled to uplift us. We should look closely at their wrinkled faces and hug their withered bodies that were once full of beauty, vigor and vitality. To our surprise, doing so we may be transformed to become better humans who appreciate the sacrifices of others and become more concerned for those under our care. We too may be transformed into better children to our ailing and aged parents who are yearning for our love and company.

Prominent nineteenth century English poet and writer Rudyard Kipling wrote “God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers.” This is a very appropriate description of a mother who is one of God’s greatest creations and is willing to be with us at all times, at all places and under all circumstances. It is only fitting to honor this great woman in our lives not just on Mother’s Day but everyday of our life.

A very happy and memorable Mother's Day

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