Monday, May 30, 2011

Najib must speak to youth as the PM

(Najib enlists youth to help 'defend Putrajaya')

The call by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on youths to defend Putrajaya is truly regrettable, more so at a youth rally to mark World Youth Day. It is inappropriate to talk about politics to them which is seen by many as a desperate means to cling on to power. Returning him to power should be the decision of the voters who are mature enough to judge him by his performance and that of his team and not the youths at the gathering of World Youth Day.

It is puzzling why younger youths could be dragged into politics when older and more discerning ones in universities and colleges are forbidden to engage in such activities. Instead of talking about politics such a mammoth gathering of young people would be a good opportunity for him to talk about the importance of hard work, racial and religious tolerance and good values in their lives. It would have been a good opportunity to talk about good leadership and governance and the principles of democracy we are practicing.

In this system of democracy, the opposition plays an equally important role as the ruling party in providing the check and balance in the governance.It is wrong to teach our youth to defend the ruling party against the opposition as though the latter is a traitor and enemy of the nation. This is a blatant breach of the ethics of a democratic country.

With rampant corruption, power abuse, failing institutions and racism in the country which the government does not seem to be serious in tacking, asking the youth to defend Putrajaya would be tantamount to asking them to defend these ills in our governance.

Putrajaya does not belong to the BN, PR or does any particular individual. It belongs to the people including the youth who are duty bound to defend it against any party that perpetuates corruption, power abuse and racism.

Najib should remember that he is the Prime Minister for all Malaysians, including those who support the opposition which is their legitimate right. He must speak to the youth as the PM and leader of the government of the day not as the leader of the BN trying to brainwash them to hate the opposition which is also has a legitimate and rightful role in our system of democracy.

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Joe said...

Well said. He is behaving as though non BN supporters are illegals in Malaysia.

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