Sunday, May 08, 2016

The 11th Sarawak Elections 2016 –

Fading hopes for change

The landslide victory for BN in the 11th Sarawak state elections yesterday is a sad reminder of the pathetic state of affairs in the country as a whole and Sarawak in particular. To many of us in peninsular Malaysia it was a great let down, although we expected it due to the unfair way the elections were conducted.

 The results appears to indicate that the people have never learned their lessons from GE13 and the huge scandals that involve the ruling party and its top leaders. They don't seem to have learned their lesson of the massive corruption that is going on that is robbing the people and nation of their wealth and rights. They don’t seem to have learned the lessons from the blatant abuse of power and the erosion of the independence of the institutions that are meant to protect their rights. These may be national issues but aren’t they serious enough to be   issues that affects every citizen regardless of which state he belongs.

Is a reflection of the immoral money politics which is being accepted as a norm? Is it a reflection of the bickering and uncompromising attitude of the opposition parties? Or is it a reflection of the general apathy of the people towards politics in general due to being helpless with the massive power use?

Of late is a general feeling of hopelessness among even the most ardent activist to bring political change peacefully. Every peaceful and legitimate move to effect change has been brutally smashed by the powers to be. Right has become wrong and wrong right. Malaysians who wanted change for the nation have been severely discouraged and are beginning to resort to the attitude “I can’t save the country but at least let me save myself and save my loved ones”. Not many have the perseverance nor the courage to fight against a system that doesn’t care a damn for the wellbeing of the nation in their “Cash is King” rule.

The opposition parties’ uncompromising attitude cost them major losses even in their own strongholds. Refusing to adopt a more give and take attitude made them fall victims to the racist and abusive tactics of the mighty BN. Malaysians are beginning to lose hopes in the opposition’s capability seize power and if it does in its ability to unite and rule effectively. The dispute between DAP and PKR to settle the seat allocation in the Sarawak elections has seriously eroded the people’s confidence in Pakatan Harapan as an alternative to BN.

Voters in Sarawak have placed their hopes in their Chief Minister Adenan Satem and his promises for a more autonomous Sarawak. We will have to wait and see whether he will be able to fulfil his promises, otherwise BN will find it hard to retain their grasp over the state as there will be no of the Adenan fever come 14GE.

Meanwhile the losses in Sarawak and the bitter differences between DAP and PKR have sadly brought the nation back to square one but now it is a battle between a much more weakened and fragmented opposition against a greatly power and money boosted BN, which shows no signs of bowing to the humble demands of the people in the near future. With this, the prospects of the next 14GE does not seem promising and Malaysians will be in for a tough times for many more years to come.

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