Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nurse’s day 2016 – New challenges ahead

Nurses’ day which falls on 12 May, is day dedicated to honor our nurses for all of their hard work and dedication in caring for the sick and dying. It is the birthday of Florence Nightingale who is credited as being the creator of modern, professional nursing, the fraternity to which our nurses belong.
Nursing the sick is no ordinary task especially when those nursed are total strangers and there is no love attached to them whatsoever. It used to be a vocation where a nurse has to have some feelings for suffering fellow humans who are sick and dying, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to be a good nurse. But today with commercialization and the advances in medical technology this human touch is slowly but surely being replaced by high-tech sophistication that are devoid of feelings and empathy.
Nurses today work under great difficulties and are under tremendous pressure from within and without. The demands on them are tremendous from their superiors, administrators and even patients themselves who are more informed. At times these expectations are very unreasonable and puts great stress on the nurses. Amidst these limitations we salute those who still hold on the age old tradition – serving with a smile and with some personal touch to the sick and dying.  
The nursing profession is in for major changes to meet the present day needs of the people that is becoming increasing more complex. We may not have the Nightingale model of Nursing Education anymore but of course we can adopt a system to produce our own Nightingales to care for our sick with a heart of passion and human touch.

The adage, “Doctors diagnose nurses cure" highlights the extremely vital role nurses play an  in the total care of the sick. Way of life may change with progress but the basic needs of the sick, love and concern, will   remain unchanged.

Happy Nurses Day

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