Saturday, May 14, 2016

Teachers Day 2016

 The Heartwarming Reunion

The most memorable event in last year was the 45th anniversary reunion of my schoolmates and teachers. That function brought together about 20 teachers from my primary and secondary school years. It was a truly exciting reunion as many were meeting our old schoolmates and teachers for the very first time after 45 years. We could not recognize one another as age had transformed us beyond recognition with some teachers already past their eighties.

The awesome scene with so many teachers on stage to cut the reunion cake

We were so delighted to have so many teachers with us on that night, a feat that we thought was impossible to achieve. It went to show the importance they attached to their former students of 45years ago. It was a gratifying and mesmerizing scene watching all the teachers, some with difficulty, walk up onto the stage to cut the reunion cake. We will definitely treasure that awesome scene of a lifetime. 

We are very glad to have the privilege to honor and pay tribute to the men and woman who had contributed to what we are today. On their part the teachers were proud to have produced some very successful people who were once their students. One teacher after another spoke of how happy they were to see us on that historic day. As the saying goes, “Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions”. Yes, as teachers they had made us successful in our respective professions.

Teachers play a very important role in developing the future of any society. They are revered in all cultures as being next to parents in molding the children and contribute greatly to what they grow up to be later in life. Therefore the emphasis given to them by celebrating Teachers Day at national level across the world is indeed an honor that is fitting and proper for the role they play.

As we wish our teachers a very happy Teachers’ Day, we hope the teachers of the past be an inspiration for those of the present. To our teachers and to those who have retired we wish and pray they have many more years of healthy and happy lives with their families and to participate in the many reunions organized by their students. 

To those teachers still in service we wish the God grant them not just the knowledge but also the wisdom to guide our children to a safe, sane and prosperous future.

Happy Teachers Day

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