Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year revelry turns to anti-price hike rally

It was peaceful and trouble-free
What was supposed to be the usual gathering at Dataran Merdeka to welcome the New Year 2014 was transformed into a massive anti-price hike rally (TURUN) against the government.
The huge crowds at the "Turun" rally last night is an indication of the growing people's displeasure with the recent price hikes which is going to hit the people hard in 2014.Not only petrol prices have been raised but there are also planned increase in electricity tariffs, water bills, road tolls, sugar, house rental and many more. With these increases one can expect everything else will go up as well – food, clothing, bus fares, medical bills and so on.
 For the average man on the street who earns less than RM3,000 a month, 2014 is not doing to be a happy New Year but a year of fear and anxiety over how he is going to make ends meet - feed his family, pay the bills, medical care, school expenses and so on... 
The fact that crowd comprised mainly of young Malaysians of all races is significant that the BN govt cannot ignore the frustrations of the people anymore. It may an early sign of the people's lost of confidence in the government which wants the people to tighten their belts to save the cronies.
How long can the people tighten their belts when the leaders, their families and cronies continue to loosen theirs with their luxurious lifestyle and massive wastage of hard earned taxpayer’s money? The people are pushed to the wall and they have no choice but react and react they will if no positive change is not forth coming soon.
Race and religious issues that worked before will not do so as poverty and financial difficulties are above race and creed and people especially the youth have shown that they can rise above every divisive issue they have and unite to demand their rights. The Bersih rallies before and now the anti-price hike rally bear testimony to the deep satisfaction of the people.
The time has come for the BN government to stop resorting to foolish means to stop the rising unhappiness of the people like threatening the people, using false charges of trying to topple the government by force and asking those not happy to leave the country. These actions only show their arrogance and stupidity that the people are not going to fall prey. The people are smart enough not be fooled over and over again.

Prime Minister Najib says he feels the pain of the people but feeling alone is not enough if it does not result in concrete actions to relieve that pain

The BN government must take this Turun rally as a final warning that all is not well among the people especially the youth. If it continues to ignore these warning signals to change, the people will not hesitate to change them. They must remember change can come anytime not only once in every 5 years as it is finally at the discretion of the people who have the legitimate right and power to bring change.

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