Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lesson on filial love

I refer to the  letter, My brother’s absolute filial love by THE OCEAN IS BRIMMING of Petaling Jaya,(Star 18 January)

It was indeed a very touching story of the writer’s brother who is a living example of what filial love should be all about. We salute him for his untiring efforts to bring a little joy and comfort to his ailing aged mother and his cancer stricken sister. His story is particularly encouraging after reading of the plight of the mercilessly abandoned old folks in Taman Wahyu lately. It is refreshing to know that there are still many who have big hearts for their aged parents.

He does not have a highly paid job and has hardly enough money for himself but that did not stop him from caring for his bedridden mother. He did not abdicate that responsibility to someone else which many of us would have done if in his place. In fact I am sure he will refuse others who may be willing to take over his role in caring for his mother. It is rare to find people like him in today’s materialistic and highly competitive world,people who value gratitude utmost despite all their shortcomings. 

He may be old himself and without much money and resources but has a heart of gold that no amount of wealth can buy. He is a living lesson for us all, that it is not money that counts when it comes to showing love, especially to aged our parents and disabled siblings, but a willing desire to do so that burns in the depths of our hearts.

We wish him all the best and hope God bless him with peace and happiness for his extra-ordinary love for his mother..

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