Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kajang move a preemptive political strategy?

The sudden resignation of the Kajang state assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh to force a by-election for the Selangor assembly seat caught many by surprise and has come under severe attack by many Malaysians. They see such an action as irresponsible, a waste of taxpayer’s money and a betrayal of the voters who have voted for him just 10 months earlier.

The fact that PKR Supremo Anwar Ibrahim will be contesting the seat further aggravated the dissatisfaction of the people who feel, Anwar should know better that such a move is not right. There are accusations that it may be his disparate move to seek power by becoming MB.
Is Anwar taking over as Selangor MB? If he does, is it the right move? Is he so desperate as to want to replace the incumbent Khalid Ibrahim who is doing reasonably well? The move may not be right, but it is the right political strategy at this given time when there are moves to topple the Pakatan rule in Selangor and even in Penang.

The ongoing religious tension in these two states is aimed to achieve that and can result in the collapse of Pakatan rule in Selangor if no firm preemptive action is taken now prevent it. Why is this religious and racial tension caused by the perceived threat to Islam by Christians is only in Penang and Selangor? Don’t other states ruled by BN also have significant number of Christians as well to be seen as a there too?

We as ordinary citizens may not know the real truth behind this Kajang move. But I am sure Anwar cannot be so stupid as to embark on it without a good reason. It is difficult to believe that a man of his stature would want to settle for a state MB’s post.
What is in Anwar's mind only he alone knows, and following him closely for the past 15 over years, I believe it must for some long term benefit to save Selangor and the country from the ruins being brought by Umno. It is time for him now to show his masterly political skills to stop the bombardment by Umno on Selangor to cause its downfall. It is now or never

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