Friday, August 31, 2018

Merdeka 61

Merdeka 61 - Rebuilding a more inclusive New Malaysia

Today we celebrate our 61st Merdeka day. This 61st Merdeka is of special significance to all Malaysians, regardless of race, creed or social standing.

This is fact the second Merdeka.In the first in 1957 we gained our independence from foreign rule, the British colonial power, but in the second we got our freedom from the abuses of our own people who ruled us for 60 years after the British rule. It was our own leaders who ‘colonised’ us because of their greed for power and wealth.

Both our independence were fought and won by the people but the most important difference between the two merdeka  is that the second was won peacefully in the most democratic way, at the ballot box with absolute peace, demonstrating the maturity of the people.   

Today we have a New Malaysia that we are struggling to build against the forces of corruption, racism and religious extremism. We are struggling to build a more inclusive New Malaysia where every citizen has equal opportunities under the Malaysian Sun. We are struggling to build a New Malaysia that is based on the Federal Constitution where the rule of law would be supreme and every citizen equal.

All these efforts need the support of the people who must be wise not to succumb to the forces that are bent on returning to the old system of divide and rule which will only lead to our failure and demise as a nation. We need the talents and skills of all citizens to realise the vision of a truly successful, united and peaceful Malaysia.

In the last 14GE, Malaysians have proved that they can do the impossible and we hope and pray they will continue to rise up to do the right thing to build the right nation we all yearn.

Selamat Hari Merdeka,
Sayangi Malaysiaku

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