Monday, July 16, 2018

Historic Parliament after historic GE14

 New Parliament symbol of hope and democracy
Congratulations to all our newly elected MPs.
The first session of the 14th Parliaments opens today with new MPs and Speaker being sworn in by the YDPA.It is a historic day for the nation as it is the the first sitting after the historic GE14 which saw the BN government of 60 years being replaced by the new coalition Pakatan Harapan(PH).
We hope our new MPs will live up to the aspirations and expectation of the rakyat who wanted real change and reforms to make our parliament a true symbol of democracy and rule of law.We hope the new government and opposition MPs will work together to create a people-oriented transparent and corruption-free system of governance.
Malaysians of all walks of life,regardless of race and creed,expect their elected representatives to do their job with honesty and sincerity placing the rakyat's interests above their own.
Please do not let them down.Best of luck to all our new lawmakers.
God bless Malaysia.

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