Saturday, January 07, 2017

Goodbye Jagroop Singh

Tribute to a dear friend

  Jagroop Singh Bhattal                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1954 -2017

We became friends in 1960 at a tender age of 7 when we were admitted to standard 1 in SYS.
We did not know each other but we were comfortable to study, play, do mischief together and at times even fight each other. Despite the competition among us we did not harbour any grudge or hatred as we had in us what every child has – innocence.

This friendship developed as we grew together till the age of seventeen when we had to part ways. We followed own paths pursuing our careers in our own ways, losing contact for many years. We succeeded to build own careers and own families as we journey through life.

When we met after many years we were all so different physically and mentally but remained united with the common interests of our childhood. After those long years Jagroop was still our dear old friend. He was friendly, humble and obliging even when he was ill and knew that the end was near.

We continued to build our friendship that was suspended for over 40 years. Unfortunately God decided we should once again part and this time for good. It is a painful separation unlike the one 45 years ago. It pains to recall the good old days in BG but we will continue to cherish those memories in our hearts till we meet again one day.

Jagroop may have left us but his memories are still very much alive in our hearts. Every time we pass Taiping we remember this good friend who was always eager and happy to have us stop by at his home for some capati prepared by his wonderful wife.

With heavy hearts we bid farewell to a dear friend, who valued our friendship so much till the end.

Goodbye dear Jagroop Singh Bhattal  

 Rest in peace

From your classmates of SYS 1970                                                                                                                                                                   7 January 2017


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