Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year 2017

Guilty shame no more
As we come the close of 2016, it may be relevant for us to reflect on the events of the year and their implications on our lives so as to make us better prepared for the coming year.

At the beginning of this year I wrote about the gloom that had engulfed our nation due to the “Cash is King” phenomenon that has taken control of our country. I expressed great disappointment that corruption has become rampant and blatant in our country especially at the highest level. This was illustrated by the 1MDB scandal that had shaken the very core of our economic and democratic system of governance. I ended by asking whether there was still hope for cure.

As we step foot into 2017, the problems of the 1MDB is yet to be solved. In fact it had become more complex and entrenched with no end in sight. It had led to another phenomenon where shame has become alien to our culture. Despite being guilty of wrong doing there is no feeling of shame by the wrong doer. In fact today the corrupt with right connections walks with their heads high despite being proven, whereas those who speak out against the wrong doers are being punished. 

In any society shame is a deterrent to wrong doing but today sadly that shame is slowly fading, being replaced with arrogance and blatant abuse of power to hide all wrong doings. What has gone wrong with our culture that we held in high esteem? Why have people become shameless despite been proven guilty?

Major corruption and abuse of power appears to be invisible and continue into the New Year. Our hopes are fading as even rights groups outside seem to slowly give up hope. To make matters worse many of our friends and relatives have given up and are leaving for greener pastures elsewhere. Will emigrating solve our problems?

We must realize that only we and we alone can stop the rot that is destroying our beloved nation which we toiled to build. The silent majority must wake up and stand to be countered not run away in defeat. Our fate depends on the silent majority and we just hope and pray they wake up to make the right choice come the 14GE.

Meanwhile the opposition must put aside their ego and differences to unite behind a capable leader who is committed to fight for the good of all regardless of race and creed. Time is running out and more they delay the lesser the chance of succeeding as the ‘enemy’ is strong, rich and powerful whose might we cannot match.

Happy New Year  

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