Monday, February 08, 2016

Tunku's 113th birthday

 February 8, 2016 is the 113th birthday of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, the man who gained us independence from the British and subsequently became our first Prime Minister. He was known for his ideals fir the creation of a fair, just and progressive Malaysian where people of diverse race and religion could live peacefully in unity and harmony. He may have started the process to create such a nation but failed as today we very far from a united society being highly polarized racially and religiously.

Our politicians of late have failed us miserably and today we seem to be losing all hopes of realizing the noble visions of our Bapa Merdeka. As ordinary peace-loving citizens we stand helpless as race and religion are politicized and abused openly to the maximum.  
As we mark the 113th birthday of this great man who led our nation to independence, let us do the little we can to regain the lost unity and goodwill which were our pride before. We can do our best to emulate his principles and ideals for the creation of a multiracial and multi-religious Malaysia -
a Malaysia where all communities can live hand in hand without hate or suspicion of each other, a Malaysia where we place the nation above communal sentiments and a Malaysia that is respected and admired the world over for our success, peace and unity.

All Malaysians, of have a sacred duty to fight racism and all its evils, by getting rid of the racist traits from our hearts and instilling the spirit of goodwill and peaceful coexistence in our children.The fight against racial cannot be won by any one community but by the concerted efforts of all.


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