Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lim Kit Siang turns 75

Y.B.Lim Kit Siang turns 75 years old today. All peace-loving Malaysians pay tribute to this man who fought relentlessly over 5 decades against injustice and discrimination. He was portrayed as dictator and racist by his opponents but he stood firm and unwavering in his struggles and ideals for a better and progressive multiracial Malaysia, a nation where all citizens can find a just and fair living under the Malaysian sun.

Despite all the difficulties he was forced to endure including detention under ISA, defeats in elections and threats of being sent to jail, he did not give up but continued to rise up after each fall to fight even harder and with greater determination.

His courage to stand up against his powerful opponents is an inspiration for many, politicians and all citizens. Today at 75,when many would want to take rest, he wows to continue with his struggles to realise his dreams for a better Malaysia for all.

Kit Siang not only sacrificed much of his life for the people but to ensure continuation of his struggles brought in his own son into politics to lead the opposition in the fight for change in government. He knew very well the dangers his son will have to undergo in Malaysian politics. This is something not many fathers would want to undertake.
On this 75th birthday we wish him all the best, good health, peace and most of all success of his opposition coalition in the next GE.A victory in the 14GE will be our fitting tribute to the man who fought tirelessly for us his whole life but yet to realise his goals.

Happy birthday Mr.LKS


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