Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Malaysia Day 2015 – biggest challenge to unity

As we celebrate our Malaysia Day, a day of unity, we are being confronted with the biggest challenge to that unity. On that day thousands of Malays in red shirts are to take to the streets to protest the rally by Bersih 2 weeks earlier that called for greater democracy, fair and clean elections, freedom to dissent and most significant to demand the resignation of the Prime Minister due to the numerous scandals surrounding him and his government. 

While the rally by the red shirts may be their democratic right but their aims to counter the Bersih which they claim is Chinese - controlled is uncalled for at this time of great racial and religious divide. The least we need now is a rally of one race against another which is dangerous in a multiracial nation. After all the present generation, regardless of our race, we are all Malaysians, with common identity. goals and origin. 

It is unfortunate that such feelings are being aroused at a time when the PM and Umno President  is incriminated in major financial scandals involving billions of ringgit and abuse of his power to stop a fair and independent investigation into the alleged misappropriations. All the people want is greater accountability and transparency in his dealings and that of his government. 

What we need now is not a rally by one race against another but a rally by all Malaysians against corruption, abuse of power and racism. This is what Malaysia day should be all about, uniting against the abuses and wrongs in the country. 

As ordinary peace-loving citizens we are extremely anxious, disturbed and upset by the red shirt rally tomorrow, an auspicious day for all Malaysians as we celebrate the formation of Malaysia. Let us not say or do anything  to aggravate the situation further but remain calm and pray for our nation, that our leaders will see the wisdom of forging closer harmony and goodwill among one another and not further divide our already polarised communities.We must unite against all forms racism if we want to progress as a nation.This is not an option but an obligation for each one us.

May God bless our nation. its leaders and its people with wisdom, peace and unity 


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