Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Appreciating our parents

This is the story of an elderly gentleman I got to know some years back. He is 75years and had gone through very difficult times with his wife in bringing up his children to what they are today. 

One day while I was walking a car suddenly stopped in front me and an elderly gentleman got out. He was this friend of mine. He wanted to show me his new car which the son bought for him to replace his old one. He was so proud to tell me it was a gift from his son. He was so happy and started narrating how his son surprised him with the car during his recent visit to him. I could visibly see his joy and pride as he went through in great detail the circumstances under which he received the car.

Yes, the elderly man was so proud of what his son has done for him. This is what all fathers expect from their children when they grow old. It was not the car but the thought and love behind that which matter most to him. On congratulating the son on how he made his dad happy, his reply was equally inspiring for me and many others with elderly parents. He replied “We are here to give the best for my parents”. 

In a world that is so competitive and challenging today, we tend to overlook the sacrifices of our parents for our success. It is in actions like this that make us stop to think of them and do the little we can to show our appreciation and gratitude to them. It is not big things that they look for but the little we have and the time we spend with them in the final days of their lives.

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