Monday, October 27, 2014

The return of Anwar Ibrahim

Tonight Anwar returns to UM the same place from where everything began for him 40years.It is a triumphant return for a man who had been beaten to the pulp and charged with all kinds of crimes.He keeps coming back again and again after each setback.

He achieved what many have failed - united the people of diverse ethnicity and ideologies to "bring to its knees" the repressive and abusive regime that is ruling for over 6 decades.He may not have succeeded to bring it down totally yet but he has ignited the process which will can never be extinguished.

Today Malaysi a is at its worst - racism.corruption and power abuses at their peak.Even hate is being used as a political tool to cling on to power.Only the younger generation of Malaysians can put a stop to all these dangerous trends of racial and religious hatred and confrontation.And I think they will.
Tomorrow is D-day for Anwar Ibrahim.The powers that be are all out to put him behind bars.But Anwar is not intimidated by all these.Age may be against him but definitely his spirit is for him and the people who look up to him.They may imprison him but they cannot put out the spark he has ignited.

The UM rally today confirms that younger leaders are ready to carry his torch to bring change.Anwar may not personally succeed but definitely he will go down in history as a man who dared to do what is right,something which many will not dare.

The nation prays for Anwar as he prepares mind and soul to go to jail for one more time.At 67 years it may not be easy for him but if he is willing to accept that sacrifice,the least we can do is give him the moral and spiritual support.God bless Anwar,God bless Malaysia

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