Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Mahatma's Gandhi's 145th birthday

There is enough for everybody’s need, but not for everybody’s greed

Mahatma Gandhi was known for doing what he preached and preach only what he did. He wanted to be like one of millions of the poor Indians in his country whom he represented.  
On this 145th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi I would to share a story of the humility of this great man which should be an inspiration for all of us especially the politicians who claim to be working for the people.

A little boy was greatly distressed to see the way Gandhi was dressed. Such a great man yet he doesn't even wear a shirt, he wondered.
"Why don't you wear a kurta, Gandhiji?" the little boy couldn't help asking finally.
"Where's the money, son?" Gandhi asked gently. "I am very poor. I can't afford a kurta."
The boy's heart was filled with pity.
"My mother sews well", he said. "She makes all my clothes. I'll ask her to sew a Kurta for you."
"How many Kurtas can your mother make?" Gandhi asked.
"How many do you need?" asked the boy. "One, two, three.... she'll make as many as you want."
Gandhi thought for a moment. Then he said, "But I am not alone, son. It wouldn't be right for me to be the only one to wear a kurta."
"How many Kurtas do you need?" the boy persisted. "I'll ask my mother to make as many as you want. Just tell me how many you need."
"I have a very large family, son. I have forty crore (400 million) brothers and sisters," Gandhi explained.
"Till every one of them has a kurta, how can I wear one? Tell me, can your mother make kurtas for all of them?
At this question the little boy became very thoughtful as he could understand what Gandhi meant.
Forty crore brothers and sisters. Gandhi was right. Till every one of them had a kurta to wear how could he wear one himself? After all the whole nation was Gandhi's family, and he was the head of that family. He was their friend, their companion. What use would one kurta be to him?
Gandhi gave up almost everything he had so as become like one of the ordinary citizen in his country, until he was left just clad in a loin cloth. He wanted the leaders to be examples and role models but he did not just preach but lived to show them what he meant. He conquered greed, hatred and violence and promoted peace and love towards all mankind.
At a time when corruption is so rampant all over the world including in our own country, Gandhi stands out as a conscience in the hearts of men especially political leaders who claim to be working for the ordinary man on the street, who suffers in poverty and struggling to make ends meet for him and his family. Gandhi’s leadership by example should many hypocrite leaders to shame but unfortunately today not many feel ashamed of the greed that engulf them.

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