Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obama's visit to Malaysia

Refusal to meet with Opposition Leader a disappointment 

The visit of US President Barrack Obama to Malaysia is being hailed as a historic one for Malaysia as he is the first president to ever make an official visit to our country. However his refusal to meet with our parliamentary opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is very regrettable, especially coming from a leader of the country that champions freedom, democracy and human rights around the world. His decision is a big let-down for not just the opposition but for parliamentary democracy and the people at large in Malaysia.

The world is not what it used to be and US is not what it was before - a true champion of freedom and democracy in the world. Today everything is business and power play. Rights of ordinary people are overlooked for reasons that are so inhumane by the very nation that claims to champion human rights. The US is losing its moral standing as the champion of freedom and human rights in the world and Obama is just accelerating that loss of faith in his country.

Obama may be too sacred to upset the status quo in Malaysia. As the leader of the powerful democratic and free world why should he shun from meeting an opposition leader who is persecuted by an unjust regime which does not have the support the majority of the people? Anwar represents the voice of the majority of Malaysians, so why doesn't Obama have the courtesy of meeting a legitimate opposition leader?

If Obama doesn’t have the courage to meet Anwar, he should not come here and allow Najib and gang to gain political mileage from his visit. We know for sure our mainstream media are just waiting to do that in the coming days.

The majority of Malaysians and others being suppressed around the world would like to send this message to Obama, “Mr President, you represent the great USA, please do proud to you nation by having the courage to do the right thing to defend the principles on your country was founded”


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