Friday, April 04, 2014

Irene Fernandez - A a woman of steel


Irene Fernandez may have looked simple and humble but behind those deceptive appearance she was a woman of steel in her fights for the rights of the poor and marginalized in the country, especially the migrants.

 Despite the odds against her she did not falter, she did not give up but stood up bravely against injustice. She was even sentenced to prison, not for cheating or criminal offenses but standing up against the injustice to poor migrant workers especially women.

As right thinking Malaysians, regardless of race, creed and political affiliation, we salute her courage; we salute her conviction and admire her determination to stand on the side of the oppressed and despised members of our society.

She was seen as a threat by those in power for being good and righteous. Despite her jail sentence and other forms of intimidation, she did not falter and fought till her last breadth.

Her death is a great loss to the nation and the people. 

Irene may be gone but will continue to remain as an icon of inspiration for all Malaysians for generations to come, in particular the righteous and good regardless, of race, creed or political affiliation.

As we bid her the final goodbye let’s adopt  her motto, The struggle for change begins at home” in our own small ways to bring about the change for a better Malaysia.

May she Rest in Peace

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