Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Kajang move – brilliant political strategy or foolish false alarm?

The sudden resignation of the Kajang state assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh to force a by-election for the Selangor assembly seat caught many by surprise and has come under severe criticism by many Malaysians. They see such an action as irresponsible, a waste of taxpayer’s money and a betrayal of the voters who have voted for him just 10 months earlier.

The fact that PKR Supremo Anwar Ibrahim will be contesting the seat further aggravated the dissatisfaction of the people who feel, Anwar should know better that such a move is not democratically right. There are accusations that it may be his desperate move to seek power by becoming MB of the richest state in the country. Anwar and his people in PKR whelhlmently deny all these allegation and insists that the Kajang move is a political strategy that is necessary to ward off the BN assault to take over the state.

The people are confused. Is Anwar going to take over as Selangor MB? If he does, is it the right move? Is he so desperate as to want to replace the incumbent Khalid Ibrahim who is doing reasonably well? Is he just interested in the rich state coffers? The move may not be the best, but it is the right political strategy at this given time if there are moves at the highest levels to topple the Pakatan rule in Selangor by undemocratic means like in Perak before.

The playing up of the Allah issue to create religious and racial tensions among the Muslims and Christians that led to the high-handed raid of the Bible Society of Malaysia and confiscation of hundreds of bibles by Jais followed by attacks on churches in Penang are irresponsible acts that may create instability. They could be indeed means to bring down the Pakatan rule in Selangor.
There is general believe that the BN government is capable of such undemocratic maneuvers to take over  Selangor as similar tensions were created in a church in Ipoh before the controversial takeover of  Perak state government in 2009. Why this religious and racial tension is this time caused by the perceived threat to Islam by Christians is only in Penang and Selangor? Don’t other states ruled by BN also have significant number of Christians to be seen as a threat to Muslims there too? As such it is only fair for Anwar and his Pakatan to take strong pre-emptive moves to ward off any threats to its rule as they are the legitimately elected government.

As ordinary citizens, we may not know the real truth behind this Kajang move. But I am sure Anwar cannot be so stupid as to embark on such a drastic and risky move without good reasons. Why should he risk his reputation and position in contesting for a state seat when victory for him is not guaranteed? It is also difficult to believe that a man of his stature would want to settle for a state MB’s post.

What is in Anwar's mind only he alone knows but many want to believe it must be for some long term benefit to save Selangor and the country from the ruins being brought by incapable and incorrigible Umno-BN. Many right thinking Malaysians, have no choice, but to continue supporting him but he must act fast to allay their suspicion and the anxieties in the minds of the millions who supported him and placed their hopes on him,otherwise he will be seen as just another junk politician taking the rakyat for granted.


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